Monday, December 31, 2012

Ignoring Scarlett

Ashley: Yes, we've traveled a long road since the old days, haven't we, Scarlett?... the golden warmth and security of those days.

Scarlett: Don't look back Ashley, don't look back. It'll drag at your heart until you can't do anything but look back.

Well, I hate to disagree with one of my favorite movie heroines, but for today's New Year's Eve post, I am going to go against her advice and look fondly upon 2012's Top Ten Posts. You viewed 'em and ranked 'em! Click on the photos to access the original post.

#10 New Orleans Street (not Square!)

The first post in my top ten ranking deals with the pre-cursor to New Orleans Square, known as New Orleans Street. This quaint row of buildings still exists, and is where Riverbelle Terrace restaurant (home of the Mickey pancake) is located. Just click on the photo to see the original post.

#9 Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, Pt.1

It comes as no surprise that one of the most beloved attractions (in a kitschy sort of way) makes the top ten list. Coming in at #9, let's all sing like the birdies sing, shall we?

#8 Disneyland Guided Tour, Circa 1962: The Matterhorn

Thanks to a Tour Guide script in the collection of fellow blogger Jed Blaugrund, I was able to marry my vintage images with the text. This post was the most viewed entry into that particular series.

#7 Pirates Grog at Disneyland!

There are many other blogs out there that have been extremely gracious in re-tweeting/posting/promoting my posts. The Disney Food Blog retweeted this particular post and the views went through the roof.

#6 Rock Hudson

Apparently, Rock is still a fan favorite, over 60 years after his big screen debut.

#5 Walt's Humble Abode

It came as no surprise that my post on visiting Walt's Apartment above the Fire Department in Town Square was a popular one. Personally, it was also one of MY highlights of 2012; I can still feel the chills as I entered this tiny (but hallowed) space, where Walt Disney slept in humble surroundings.

#4 Vintage Haunted Mansion Tour

Haunted Mansion fans are some of the most die-hard and loyal readers; I know that they helped put this one towards the top of the list!

#3 Jim Morrison at The Hollywood Bowl

I guess I'm not the only Jim Morrison/Doors admirer.

#2 Screen Gem Saturdays: Debbie Reynolds Auction Part 2, Pt. 2

Debbie Reynolds' auction of props, photos, and Hollywood memorabilia was big news to collectors in 2012. I was fortunate enough to be able to see a portion of her collection at The William Paley Center in Beverly Hills.

#1 Adventureland & The Tahitian Terrace, 1969

The number one post was (again) pushed up the ladder by my friends over at The Disney Food Blog.

I must give thanks for all of the blessings I have had this year; so many of them thanks to people I have met through my blog and website (yes, I maintain a website, too!).

A highlight of this year was meeting the trio from Tours Departing Daily. Not only are they crazy talented photographers, they are three of the nicest and most humble people you could ever hope to meet.

3 cheers to the Disney blogger that started it all for me, Patrick at Stuff From The Park, as well as David at Gorillas, who rarely fails to leave a funny or kind comment on my blog. His daily patronage is very much appreciated.

And then there are the three websites that fulfill my inner Disneyland geek as I read them almost daily: Mice Chat, Mouse Planet, and Yesterland.

Huge shout-outs to Dale and his lovely wife Grace, who are two of the most humble people I have ever met.

Thanks to all for continuing to visit my blog. I hope to see more of you and meet a few new cool peeps in 2013!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your efforts Dave. Happy New Year to you and the readers of this blog! And thanks for letting me contribute to it.


Daveland said...

You are very welcome - and huge thanks to you and the many others who have helped contribute stories and photos. Those personal remembrances mean so much. Happy New Year!

K. Martinez said...

Thanks for all your hard work on your blog Dave. Your posts have been a source of joy.

Happy New Year!

Major Pepperidge said...

Hey, I should do a top 10 list! Only I have no idea which posts were the most popular. Guess that's a problem!

Thanks for your excellent blog, it is a daily visit for me, and I am often rewarded with some of the best Disneyland photos I've ever seen.

AJ said...

Keep the good stuff coming! I love the glimpses into history and am always awaiting your present day reviews and photos as well.