Wednesday, June 22, 2016


While sometimes just the vintage-nature of an image makes it spectacular enough; having it well composed is just icing on the cake. Today I present three undated 1950s images from the same photographer who obviously took a little extra time to frame his photos in a creative way.

They were taken from this gazebo that was once on the Rivers of America:

I am totally digging this shot of Storybook Land.

This one was taken from inside the second floor of the Golden Horseshoe:

Compare with the exterior shot to see that the window arch matches:

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Exiting The Future

This undated 1950s shot shows guests exiting the Monsanto House of the Future at Disneyland. The clue to the date of this shot lies in the arms of the two ladies at the top of the stairs. Let's take a closer look.

Multiple pieces in the arms of the gal on the right; on the left, it appears to be the back of a magazine. A bit blurry, but one of the headline words appears to be "Controlled."

Anyone? Anyone?

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Mystery Solved and The Bandstand

Today's image shows the traveling bandstand, which began its life in Town Square, moved to Central Plaza when the park opened, transitioned to Adventureland/Magnolia Park shortly thereafter, and eventually got booted out of the park. Today it resides at an Orange County nursery. Zooming in, it appears that the conductor is Vesey Walker.

The mystery of the date of the photo from the other day has been solved!

Thanks to fellow blogger David at Gorillas Don't Blog, we now have a matching image of a guidebook from 1958:

David even went the extra mile to flip and desaturate the image to show that it's a perfect match.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Maternity at the Moonliner

The date on the back of this shot is difficult to make out; I know the month is April, but the year is obscured. The brochure in the little girl's hand holds the clue. Any takers out there?

BTW: digging the maternity outfit and the hand tooled leather purse!

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Happy Birthday, Judy!

In honor of what would have been her 94th birthday, today's post is a tribute to Judy Garland. Although she didn't sing a note or look her most glamorous, Judy tore up the screen with a memorable performance in 1961's "Judgment at Nuremberg." Nominated for an Oscar, Garland is shown here with director Stanley Kramer.

This closeup view could yield many memorable captions!

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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Shirley at DCA

Even though I'm not crazy about waiting in lines for an attraction, I love being able to take my time in the lobby of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror checking out all of the vintage details, especially the dusty Shirley Temple doll that resides on the overstuffed couch. With my previous camera and a zoom lens, this was about the best I could do. Zooming in to this shot, you can see a vintage Oz book by Frank Baum. Blurry, but again...this was the best I could do.

On my most recent trip, I had my new camera, but didn't want to lug around my zoom lens, so this was the best I could do.

Until a bit of serendipity (that's all I'm gonna' say) was provided, and I was able to get this view which was taken directly standing over the couch.

MUCH better view of the book!

As you speed down Buena Vista Street on your way to Radiator Springs Racers, you can see another vintage Shirley Temple doll in the window of Big Top Toys.

Although I believe the doll is vintage (you can see a crazing line on the composition of her face near her eye), the wig looks replaced and the eyes have been poorly painted over. Most of the original Shirley Temple dolls' eyes have yellowed and crazed over the years, which is most likely why the "artists" painted over them with a bright blue.

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