Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ghost Town: Halloween Haunt Museum

Today's vintage Knott's Berry Farm photo shows Mrs. Murphy's Boarding House, which was originally the post office in Downey, California. It was moved to Knott's in 1952, where for many years it featured an animated family dinner scene. In 1967 it became the Calico Spice Shop, followed by Grandma Botts' Bonnets, and is currently The Halloween Haunt Museum, as can be seen by the photo I shot below in October.

Knott's legend John Waite is shown standing next to some of his handiwork for Knott's Scary Farm:

A vintage shot of John putting the finishing touches on the Mine Ride, circa 1977:

Let's zoom in for a better look at that photo:

One of Elvira's costumes can be seen in the museum; the couch seen in this photo was used in several of Elvira's shows at Knott's and was also in "Elvira's Chamber" at the Knott's Hotel in 2001. Guests could spend the night in an Elvira-themed room. My mind is racing with the possibilities!

A VERY creepy marionette called Pinocchio Unstrung. I don't think the Blue Fairy would care for this at all.

Two more exterior views of the Halloween Haunt Museum:

This one will give me nightmares for weeks.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ghost Town: Chinese Laundry

This vintage image from April 30, 1956 shows Hop Wing Lee's Chinese Laundry. Located in Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town, it is one of the peek-in shops located on Main Street. According to the website, Chinese laundries were an important niche industry for Chinese immigrant families who came to the U.S. after the California gold rush in 1849:

Chinese laundries developed as a major occupation for the first wave of Chinese immigrants who came to the United States during the mid-nineteenth century. Laundries opened throughout the country and became uniquely identified with this ethnic group. The Chinese launderer stereotype appeared in popular culture and media.

On my first visit to Knott's Berry Farm in 2010, I captured this shot of Hop Wing Lee's, complete with Pepsi-themed trash can.

Flash forward to 2014, and mercifully the Pepsi trash can is gone.

This vintage post card shows how the peek-in originally looked, complete with Andy Anderson carved figure:

Circa 2010:

And how it looks today:

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Friday, November 28, 2014

More Rita at Disneyland

Previously, I had posted a photo of actress Rita Hayworth at Disneyland with husband/singer Dick Haymes. Now my collection has two more shots from that very same July 25, 1955 visit. Here's the accompanying publicity blurb:

Singer Dick Haymes, who was notified July 25 that the government had abandoned its long legal fight to deport him, celebrates the occasion by taking his family for an outing to Disneyland near Anaheim, Cal. Left to right: Haymes, Rebecca Welles, Rita Hayworth, his actress wife, Yasmin Kahn and an unidentified nurse. Rebecca and Yasmin are daughters of Miss Hayworth.

A very sad quote came from the provocative mouth of this legendary beauty:

Men fell in love with Gilda, but they wake up with me.

Married five times, they all ended in divorce; the Haymes marriage barely lasted two years.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pack Mules and Red Jenkins

I am too busy in the kitchen this morning to do much with today's post, so you just have one July 1962 image to savor. Thankfully, a few detailed views can provide some interest, starting off with this Wanted poster for Red Jenkins.

You can see this same poster elsewhere in the town of Rainbow Ridge at Disneyland, as witnessed by this undated 1970s shot:

Back to the original 1962 shot; did you know that Rainbow Ridge also offered Wagon Repair service along with Blacksmithing?

No end to what you could get done in that town! Hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Disneyland News, July 1960

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this July 1960 image; a total vintage Disneyland geek's dream shot! A park map on display, souvenir paper hats, newspaper headlines, and vintage fashions! Just too much for my brain to comprehend on a Wednesday morning.

And Wanted posters, too!

While you're at it, be sure to check the headlines of the day. Maybe put on a pair of cat-eyeglasses like these two ladies. I think I need my smelling salts; I am in geek heaven.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The French Market, November 1971

Let's travel back to 1971 for a look at the French Market in New Orleans Square. I was hoping to be able to read the menu, but unfortunately the original image is too grainy to allow that. I am sure there are Disneyland geeks out there who can decipher through the plethora of dots to tell the rest of us what was being served…and just how much it was!

Looking through my collection for a comparison shot, I realized that I am woefully deficient in views from that angle of the New Orleans Square Restaurant. Instead, it appears that I have focused on the side that faces the Frontierland Depot.

Add it all up for another one for my "to do" list next time I visit the park.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Leaving Disneyland, November 1971

A family poses at the exit of Disneyland, November 1971. Get a load of these 1970's prices; only $4.95 to get into the park! Of course, that still doesn't account for the money necessary to buy tickets to ride each attraction. I'll bet it's still cheaper than today's all inclusive entrance fee of $150!

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Who Gets The Kids?

These two photos are publicity stills from one of my very favorite "weepies," the 1961 version of "Back Street." From the accompanying caption:


Tammy Marihugh and Robert Eyer portray the screen youngsters of John Gavin and Vera Miles in "Back Street," the poignant Fannie Hurst story involving a "triangle" between the film's three stars, Susan Hayward, Gavin and Miss Miles. Charles Drake, Virginia Grey, Reginald Gardiner and Miss Marihugh head the strong supporting cast of the Ross Hunter-Carrollton Production filmed in color for release by Universal.

Child actor Robert Eyer was also in "Leave it to Beaver"; he passed away in 2005. Tammy Marihugh is still alive; her other roles included parts in "My Three Sons," "The Twilight Zone," and "Wagon Train." She became an exotic dancer and married bodybuilder Rodney Larson, who she shot in the back after an evening of heavy drinking. She was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter but given probation as a result of Larson being an abusive husband.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Judy Gets Left Out

At first glance, this February 1941 publicity shot of Mickey Rooney and Shirley Temple looks like it could be a very wholesome first date at a local soda fountain. Not so. Cropped out of the right side of the photo is Judy Garland. Compare the plaid sleeve that is also visible in this photo, taken during Shirley's tour of the MGM Studio which included Clark Gable.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

1959 Disneyland Celebrities Arrive, Pt. 2

I have added a third image to my collection of celebrities arriving for the June 14, 1959 celebration of Disneyland's new attractions. This one shows actor Jock Mahoney, who played the title role in the TV western series "Yancy Derringer" on CBS from 1958-1959. Anyone know where this photo was taken? Or who Miss Santa Clara could be? So many questions for a Friday!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rainbow Ridge Train Station, November 1971

In this November 1971 color photo, we get a glorious view of the original Rainbow Ridge Mining Town. The town itself survived the changeover to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad thrill ride, but has undergone a few changes. It would appear that the building on the upper right has now become the Assay Office, seen in this recent comparison view:

The design of the El Dorado Hotel (barely visible on the far right in photo #1) with a barber shop on the side has remained fairly consistent over the years, minus the awning. With big beautiful shade trees around it, I guess there's no need for an awning.

The Miner's Hardware seems to have been a casualty of the change.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Casey Junior Ticket Booth Signage

The sign on the Casey Junior Ticket Booth didn't look familiar to me so of course I had to obtain this 1960 photo. I am a self-admitted signage geek.

Combing through my collection I found this December 1961 shot:

Zooming in, you can get a much better idea of what was on the sign:

In this contemporary shot, the Ticket Booth appears a bit smaller than in the vintage shots; perhaps it was modified or completely rebuilt at some point:

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tiki Room Exit Signage

This January 1964 snapshot brings out the signage geek in me. Thanks to another shot in my collection (from December 1963), we can pull back a bit and see exactly where it is on the exterior of the attraction building.

Unless it has been expertly recast, it would appear that the same signage still hangs outside the Enchanted Tiki room today, albeit now featuring a sponsored message for Dole Pineapple.

An additional exit sign has joined the mix that was not there in the 1960's:

This angle provides a better shot of the sign in the first photo from today's post:

Zooming in:

What are the chances this is the same sign?

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Up Up And Away!

The Fantasyland Skyway Station still remains in the Park (surprisingly!), but the Tomorrowland Station is a thing of the past. This 1956 image shows you what it looked like. For an interior view, this rare July 1960 shot captures the fun of being quickly loaded and then whisked off for a fabulous journey soaring over the park.

Oh how I wish I could read these papers posted on the wall!

Pulling back you can see the buckets as they leave the platform in this 1950's photo:

A black and white shot of the station:

This poor 1962 guest looks a bit dizzy from her ride as she exits the bucket:

Meanwhile, over in Fantasyland…hard to believe, but the Fantasyland Skyway Station is still standing. But for how long?

Hope you enjoyed your ride aboard the Skyway!

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