Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ghost Town: Chinese Laundry

This vintage image from April 30, 1956 shows Hop Wing Lee's Chinese Laundry. Located in Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town, it is one of the peek-in shops located on Main Street.

On my first visit to Knott's Berry Farm in 2010, I captured this shot of Hop Wing Lee's, complete with Pepsi-themed trash can.

Flash forward to 2014, and mercifully the Pepsi trash can is gone.

This vintage post card shows how the peek-in originally looked, complete with Andy Anderson carved figure:

Circa 2010:

And how it looks today:

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JG said...

Oh, I remember this... forgotten until this moment. The figure was creepy.

Thanks Dave.


Unknown said...

I remember that he used to "sing" and one of the songs was "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" in Chinese.