Sunday, November 02, 2014

Calico Mine Train Ride

As promised, today's post features photos from the recently revamped Calico Mine Train Ride attraction at Knott's Berry Farm. Unfortunately (at least in my opinion), the Scary Farm overlay was in place, which somewhat detracts from the experience. The voice of a scary hag and lighting that focuses on the ghostly overlay instead of the regular animatronic figures put a bit of a damper on the ride for me.

The queue area, which seemed like it was missing a few posters and props along the way from my last journey.

I waited patiently at Gate B:

One last look back before departing:

And away we go…

Bubbling colors…

Ghastly green light everywhere:

A scary hand for the Halloween themed overlay:

A thunderous green waterfall:

One of the many improved animatronic figures; unfortunately, I left my low-light lens at home, so these photos are not quite up to par.

Perhaps the oft-heard about "Canary in a coal mine"?

Bats and a skeleton in a mine car:

And the gorgeous "Heaven Room," complete with a few hellish elements:

The Calico Mine itself:

A miner reaching for something:

the photo reveals a little pup. I missed this when I was riding through.

A brief journey back outside:

How cool to have theme park legend John Waite in my car!

Two scary vultures overhead; notice they are all molded. No real feathers for these weather-resistant birds.

Back into the mine for the grand finale.

The explosion effects did not work when we traveled through.

The ride is beautiful, but I am looking forward to going on it when the overlay is removed. Hopefully the lighting issues are resolved after the transition.

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Irene said...

I agree with you. I think they did a nice job with the overlay and it's nice and all - but once was enough. When all that is removed all be back on and I can ride it over and over :) The effect at the end was not working when I went on last Wednesday.

outsidetheberm said...

Nice work, Dave. Your photo of John is wonderful!

Fun day!

-- Ken