Friday, January 17, 2020

Welcome to Disneyland, 1961!

It’s June 1961 in this first image and guests are scurrying through the Disneyland Railroad underpass to get to the GOOD STUFF! But let’s slow down and take a look at what’s in this photo; it’s purty durn good on its own. The Grand Canyon Passenger Car is up top on the tracks; it would eventually be converted into the Lilly Belle VIP Passenger car which still makes the Grand Circle Tour around the Park.

Over at the Disneyland News Stand there are all kinds of cool things: a Main Street employee in her turn-of-the-century dress, Annette Funicello on at least two different publication covers, and perhaps a TV tray on the right? What do YOU see?

I also bought this June 1961 Frontierland image, hoping I’d be able to get some interesting detail out of the shadows of the Shooting Gallery. Alas, not so.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Movie Colony in Palm Springs

This boutique hotel is a gem tucked away on the main drag of Palm Springs. If you’re not looking for it, it’s easy to miss as you zoom by on Indian Canyon Drive. Designed by Albert Frey in the 1930’s, it blends in with the rest of the landscape around it. If you don’t know who Frey is, he’s the Swiss architect who established “desert modernism.” Ever been to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Station? Yup...that’s his, too.

The Visitors Center on the way into Palm Springs was once a gas station designed by Frey. But I digress...back to the Movie Colony.

I stayed here on a recent visit to the Desert; first time I’d done so since 2008. I liked it then...and I still like it twelve years later! It’s stylish in a very simple way…

intimate, clean, excellent service, and quiet. No kiddies allowed.

Good-sized pool and a jacuzzi/hot tub with views of the mountains. Great for a star-filled evening.

It is wise to make reservations early though; it is a small boutique hotel and fills up fast.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Temple Tuesday: Shirley at the Piano

Melissa (aka “The Colonel”) recently gifted me this 1940 shot of Shirley at home, playing her Steinway piano. The Baby Grand was sold at the 2015 “Love, Shirley Temple” Theriault’s auction. Here’s the catalog description:


5' x 10 1/2'. Having luxury walnut Chippendale case, the Steinway L model baby grand piano has original lyre and pedals, traywork, soundboard and ribs, bridges, pinblock, tuning pins, and key tops. The piano has Steinway serial number of 299183 and was produced in 1939, according to Steinway records. Included are the original bench and various photographs of Shirley Temple at the piano.

NOTE: this picture accompanied the auction, but it is obvious that it is much earlier than 1939; based on how she looks I would guess 1935.

The piano was a gift to her from the Steinway company in 1939, and features an inscription plate reading "I hope dear Shirley that you will like this piano as much as the Steinways like you! And that's a lot! Theodore G. Steinway 1939".

Presale Estimate: 30,000+
Realized Price: $45,000

Here are a few 1944 shots I found of Shirley at home at the piano:

Answering fan mail; note the ink well for her refillable pen at the lower left of the shot.

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