Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Portland Adventures, Pt. 3: Waterfront Sunrise

One of the things I enjoyed most about my stay in Portland for the 2019 UCDA Design Conference was being able to get a good morning run in along the waterfront. Unencumbered by stoplights, the waterfront provided gorgeous views and the ability to run continuously for over an hour. Thank you Portland! One morning, I actually ran with the camera so that I could capture the sunrise and the silhouette of the city.

While the majority of the waterfront run was on flat territory, there were enough dips, turns, bridges, and stairs (if you chose to use them) to keep things interesting.

And the moon was still shining; yes, it was an early morning run!

The Maritime Museum is located on this little boat; unfortunately according to signage it was closed due to maintenance and lack of volunteers.

In the distance you can see Mount Hood:

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Temple Tuesday: Evoking A Ghost

In the 1940 Shirley Temple movie, “Young People,” Darryl Zanuck wanted to bring back the ghost of little Shirley by inserting clips from her earlier movies. Jack Oakie and Charlotte Greenwood play Joe and Kit Ballantine, two vaudevillians who end up adopting little Wendy (Shirley), a tot left to them by very dear friends who had recently gone to that great stage up in the sky.

Once Wendy is old enough, she joins the act, beginning with this hula number.

For the long shot, a double was used quite convincingly. Sadly, I could not find out who played little Shirley. IMDB has just about every unbilled extra listed save for this one.

When the camera cuts in closer, the audience is treated to a clip of Shirley from the 1935 movie “Curly Top.” The production team did a very nice job of making the new footage blend seamlessly with the old.

Not so much with the next number.

The Ballantines satirize Shirley’s hit “Baby Take A Bow” by singing how much they can’t stand each other. Their number is mildly comical...and I’m being kind here.

Note the dancing ladies that are part of the curtain:

Kit dances off the stage and Shirley’s double enters stage right:

The closeup takes us back to 1934 Shirley, when she first wowed audiences in “Stand Up And Cheer”:

Back to the dancing ladies on the curtain...this was Fox’s way of attempting to simulate the real dancing girls that were part of the background in the original scene. Even as a little kid, I wasn’t fooled by this cheap shenanigan!

For the next number which brings us up to present day (circa 1940), Shirley is all grown up!

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Monday on the Viewliner

The Viewliner may have been small in size, but it was a mighty huge step towards having a transportation system at Disneyland that would be sleek and futuristic. Operating only from June 26, 1957 to September 15, 1958, the Viewliner inspired the Monorail, which still operates today. This March 1958 image shows it near the Tomorrowland station, with the Yacht Bar in the background.

This previously posted image from September 1958 shows the Viewliner in approximately the same area, but from a different vantage point: overhead from a Skyway bucket.


…and Back:

Just for comparison sake, here are guests and the conductor standing next to the Viewliner, circa 1957:

…and a contemporary shot of a cast member next to the Monorail:

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