Thursday, May 06, 2021

A Dip in the Disneyland Hotel Pool

As we get closer to summer and temperatures continue to rise, a dip in the pool sounds mighty good. How about the one at the Disneyland Hotel? This February 1959 image shows some suits standing at the edge of it, ignoring the beauty of the blue waters. What are those pink and aqua curtains?

At the entry area to the pool, you would have seen this sign for the Coral Club, which explains those exclusive little curtained cabanas in the previous shot:

10am to 6pm? There goes my early morning swim.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Hump Day on a Pack Mule

Just when I think I’m completely jaded as far as vintage Disneyland goes, a previously unseen view will pop up for sale. Such was the case with this August 1960 image, which a guest took while riding a pack mule, or possibly waiting for one. Nothing like a rear view of a mule and its rider to start your day. I wonder if the White Wings had a Frontierland gang to take care of those “accidents” along the way?

Here’s the next sequential shot in the duo of images; our photographer turned around to get this one:

Anybody need Blacksmithing or Wagon Repair? Just head on over to Rainbow Ridge:

This previously posted image from January 1965 gives you an overview of the area you have just seen.

As does this one from February 1964:

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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Temple Tuesday: Shirley Gets Spanked!

This photo shows a very muddy little Shirley Temple in the 1937 John Ford directed film “Wee Willie Winkie.” Don’t look too hard for this scene, as you won’t find it. Deleted before it was released, it’s one of those gems that one wishes still existed. In the set still below, you can see the area where it occurred.

Even a mud puddle needs art direction.

Ford appears to be on the right of this shot when you zoom in:

What happened after Shirley got muddy? She also played in Mrs. Allardyce’s (Constance Collier) petunia garden. Bad Shirley.

This scene no longer exists either, but thanks to this set still, we know where the gossipy Mrs. Allardyce had her garden.

Naturally, she got spanked by her mother, played by June Lang.

Not to be found in the finished movie, it too was deleted. How could anyone spank Shirley?!?

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