Friday, August 31, 2007

Fantasyland Concession Stand

Another undated photo, this one is from the late 1950’s and shows the concession stand. Hey Major—just to put in perspective what a $1.00 would have bought you back then, you could scarf down 2 cheeseburgers and STILL have 10¢ left (add a nickel and you could be enjoying a Carnation Milk to wash it all down with!). If you look to the rear of the photo, you can see the Chicken of the Sea Ship’s sails. This makes a nice segue to this 1950’s overhead shot of the COTS:

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rivers of America and Fowler’s Harbor

This undated slide and its companion close-up are undated, but obviously from the early days of the park. Tom Sawyer’s Island has no Tom Sawyer and the River looks pretty sleepy. Telephone poles in the background definitely do not help the ambiance!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vintage Subs

From August 3, 1959 (not the 4th, but the 3rd!) is this view of the original Submarine Voyage. Other than the monorail, with the gray of the subs and the uniforms of the cast members, this could be mistaken for a military zone! I prefer the 20k theming that Disney World used for their Sub ride, as shown in this Oct. 1972 view:

3 view from June 1964, starting with a closeup of the Patrick Henry (I wonder what kind of reception they get with that little antenna up front?)

Last one for today is from January 1968:

Eagle-eye reader Mr. Mouse Monthly noticed a cast member on top of the Monorail track in the previous photo. Let's zoom in!

For anyone interested in an update on my Main Street painting, here is a shot I took this morning:

And just out of curiosity, is anyone else out there doing the Disneyland Half Marathon this Monday?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Town Square

Just when you thought you were done with Town Square, this brilliant (but undated) image pops up on my blog. Aren’t these two gals a pair and a half? Slide 2 is from July 1961, and it appears that the poor horse is wearing a rather unfortunate looking hat. As if carting guests around all day wasn’t bad enough...

This shot was taken from the steps of the Main Street Station, circa August 3, 1959. I have also included a detailed view of the Bekins area. Apparently attraction posters used to go in this area as well.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Town Square Banner

Although there is a good amount of nighttime long exposure blur, this is still a cool one, from June 1960. You can see the banner promoting Nature’s Wonderland, America the Beautiful in Tomorrowland, and the Art of Animation. I have also included a closeup from the righthand side; there is a Disneyland Vehicle (logo on the door) that is not part of the regular Main Street fleet, as well as some large unidentified wheels; any of the experts know about these?

While we’re in Town Square, here’s one from November 1963 that shows Vesey Walker leading the band, with Christmas Decorations draped over Main Street.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stuck in Tomorrowland

January 1968 is the date of this beauty showing the PeopleMover (rather the no-people PeopleMover in this shot) and the Rocket Jets. For those who prefer their PeopleMover vehicles in Red, here’s a second view:

From the same batch is this interior view of Adventures Thru Inner Space, one of my favorite cheesy extinct attractions.

Leaving the future and going back to the old Tomorrowland, here is one from October 1965 (even if it wasn’t dated, I’d know by the hair that it couldn’t be the new Tomorrowland):

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The New Tomorrowland

This is one of my favorites; althought I don’t know the year, I know it’s around Xmas (the star on top of the Matterhorn is a great clue!). You get a good idea of the “New Tomorrowland” in this shot; the Astro Jets were moved on top of the PeopleMover platform and rechristened the Rocket Jets. What a great vantage point! Soaring around in a circle high above the park! You can also see a lonely yellow Skyway bucket on the righthand side. Check out more Tomorrowland photos on my regular website.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Main Street, undated

Today I will start posting a batch of larger size negs that are undated, but most likely late 60’s/early 70’s. The Keystone Kop was a nice touch to Main Street, and I don’t believe I’ve seen one in recent years. Here’s a view of the same area from 2006; can you believe I took a shot with a stroller in it? What was I thinking...

Here’s a Doublemint moment, as two Horse-Drawn Trolleys pass each other (control yourself, Amazon!).

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Exit Sign & Ticket Booth

First shot today shows the exit sign from July 1961. Moving onto the blue ribbon shot for today is this view of the Ticket Booth from January 1968. Whoever this photographer was, today I am their number one fan! And please, sign me up for a $6.50 guided tour!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lotsa’ Main Street

Tobacco? At Disneyland? Who’d ’a thunk it? Here’s a nice clear (albeit undated) view of the Tobacco Shop, which is now 20th Century Music. I have also provided a recent comparison shot for you to check kout as well:

Next up is an undated and somewhat blurry 1950’s view of the Horse-Drawn Trolley and the Gibson Greeting Card Shop.

I am actually in the process of painting this same area of Main Street.

Next up is a June 1964 view from Town Square, showing the INA Carefree Corner, currently the Kodak Photo Supply Shop. January 1968 gives us this view of the East Side of the street, just a little further down.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

House of the Future, 1965

It’s 1965, the year of the Tencennial, and this gent is standing in front of the Monsanto House of the Future, with 2 of the state flagpoles visible. The flags were a nice touch to the entrance of Tomorrowland, adding to the type of Fair Exhibit atmosphere that originally permeated Tomorrowland. You can check out more House of the Future photos on my regular website.

Monday, August 20, 2007

February 1959 Medley

What trip to Disneyland would be complete without a shot in front of the Mickey face at the Main Street Train Station? This cute little tyke is ready for the photo to be over so that he can ride the attractions. This is the only pic I have of the Hand Cart under wraps; most likely there has been some rain (gasp!) in Sunny Southern California, as can be seen by the wet pavement in our next pic. Pic #2 is a really darling pic of an older couple, classic camera prominently displayed as they model in front of the Chicken of the Sea pirate ship restaurant.

The last one from the Jungle Cruise dock is definitely my favorite; our little maiden in front is sure getting the looks from the ladies standing near here. I have never seen this uniform in the park; anybody know if this is an employee or just a stray TWA stewardess?

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Mickey Mouse Club Circus: The Grand Finale

It’s the big finish, folks! The end of the line for my Viewmaster Mickey Mouse Club Circus images. Image #1 is labeled as Prof. Keller “works” his big cats without gun or whip (uses tranquilizers instead!). #2 is Serenado, the musical horse that dances and plays chimes.

Pic #3 is titled “Sprung from the board, she is caught mid-air!”

And last (and in my opinion the very least) is Nollie Tate and his balancing dog.

In retrospect, it really isn’t too difficult to see why the circus was not a success. Disneyland achieves its success because it is different; who would want to sit in a tent for over an hour to see a semi-decent circus when there are all kinds of new and innovative attractions waiting outside the tent?

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Mickey Mouse Club Circus, pt. 5

Today begins Reel 3, showing the Circus Tent Entrance. The ticket booths on either side are the same design as the ones that could be view in Town Square (anyone know if these are the same and were moved to TS?). #2 is “Setting-Up” exercises by the painted pachyderms (just a fancy-schmancy term for elephants).

Pic #3 features the Flying Alexanders making another daring catch high in the air. Only one more day to go of these; hope you have enjoyed them. And many thanks again to Tim!

For more vintage Circus photos, visit my regular website. Meanwhile, over at the Disney Blog, they have posted a fun little contest. Click on the previous Disney Blog link and answer it on your blog for FABULOUS (well, maybe not fabulous but definitely fun) prizes. One of the questions to answer is “What is your favorite or most useful tip for guests of Disney's theme parks?” My answer would be to use the Disney Dining phone line and make reservations for meals AT LEAST a month in advance. Nothing is worse at Disneyland than being hungry and seeing horrendous lines at all the restaurants. The Disney Blog is part of my morning routine and a good way to keep current on all things Disney.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Mickey Mouse Club Circus, pt. 4

Finishing off Reel 2 today, starting off with an old time Circus Wagon that carries the tents. #2 is Billy Burke, the “Boss” Clown.

Pic #3 is Bob-O the Clown (Bob Amsberry) and Mousketeer Princess (I wonder if they had to get permission from Cinderella to use this vehicle?).

The final one for Friday is the parade entering past the ticket wagon.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Mickey Mouse Club Circus, pt. 3

Today the photos are from Reel 2 of the Viewmaster Mickey Mouse Club Circus set, beginning with Mouseketeer Karen sitting on top of an elephant. #2 is the Swan Band Wagon pulled by a team of plumed white horses.

Pic #3 is shows the scantily clad harem beauties who travel by elephant train. Ha cha cha!

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