Monday, June 30, 2008

August 1958: Meet the Sherriff

Just a short one today, starting off with a shot of the Frontierland Sherriff and a young boy off to the left practicing his best rope trick. Anybody able to identify the Sheriff? Doesn't appear to be Eddie Adamek.

A nice shot of the Columbia bringing it on home during her first year on the Rivers of America:

And the Mighty Mark Twain at dockside, waiting to undertake yet another voyage around Tom Sawyer Island.

See more vintage and current Frontierland photos at my website.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

May 1959 in Living Color, Pt. 6

Today is the last entry into this particular May 1959 series. Our fashionably retro miss is enjoying a trip on the Mark Twain. Aren’t those pants the bee’s knees?!? The next few shots show various forms of transportation around the Rivers of America, starting off with The Columbia, parked in Fowler’s Harbor.

And here’s the best way to work off a Monte Cristo:

Two of the Mark Twain, with the soon-to-be-finished Matterhorn looming in the background.

Last but not least, Bertha Mae:

No, this isn’t Grad Night; it’s a Ceremonial Dance over at the Indian Village. Back in 1959, you didn’t need a computer to be "interactive."

Alas, it’s time to go home. It’s always difficult to leave the happiest place on earth when Main Street looks its most enchanting. Enjoy this farewell shot and all the vintage cars!

See more vintage and current Rivers of America photos at my website.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

May 1959 in Living Color, Pt. 5

We are journeying on the Rivers of America to see the wonders of the Old West, as well as Tom Sawyer Island. Shot #1 gives us a canoe, Fort Wilderness, and Castle Rock. Instead of Pirate Flags, the Island is displaying good old fashioned patriotism for the U. S. of A. My favorite friendly Indian is giving guests on the Mark Twain a warm welcome.

The waving Indian of today has a much fuller headdress; it only stands to reason that he’d get a promotion after 50 years.

The Indian Village; my follow-up current shot shows the different location of the boy and his dog. Both have changed dramatically, but the concept is the same.

The unsteady pontoon bridges and swaying suspension bridge sure make crossing the River a whole lot more fun! The Chicken Plantation Restaurant is slightly visible in the upper right hand corner.

Our photographer happened to capture a quickly moving Stagecoach:

See more vintage and current Rivers of America photos at my website.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

May 1959 in Living Color, Pt. 4

Yeehaw! Today our May 1959 visit is in Frontierland! Feeling hot today? Couldn’t you just jump right into photo #1 and get some ice cream from that vendor in the lower right corner? Yum! Or better yet, catch an air-conditioned show at the Golden Horseshoe. Shot #2 shows the corner of the Silver Banjo Barbecue and Aunt Jemima’s; if you look at the included closeup, you can just barely see Aunt J herself behind the trees.

The Strawhatters are playing a little jazz for guests along the river in this now defunct bandstand; you can also see the bridge to the Chicken Plantation on the left.

Last one for today is of the Indian Village; who left the tin can on the rocks?!?

See more vintage and current Frontierland photos at my website.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

May 1959 in Living Color, Pt. 3

Our May 1959 trip to Disneyland takes us to Storybook Land today, with some wonderful shots of the miniature homes and gardens that inhabit this amazing attraction. First off we have the home of the sensible pig who used brick, not straw. Here is a comparison shot of it today:

The enchanting cottage of the Seven Dwarves:

And a contemporary shot showing it all decked out for the holidays:

The village below Cinderella’s Castle:

And a contemporary comparison view:

I believe this one is of the Tremaine home, but please don’t boil me in oil if I am incorrect:

And a contemporary comparison view:

The Old Mill near Alice’s Village:

You know the it is today:

Pinocchio’s Village will be lost in the shuffle when readers see the construction of the Matterhorn in the background; with all that lumber and the fact that this attraction is almost 50 years old, it’s no wonder Disney has had some major issues with keeping the mountain from literally falling apart.

And the recent version:

Last one for today is another view of Pinocchio’s Village, accompanied by a somewhat similar shot from today:

See more vintage and current Storybook Land photos at my website.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

May 1959 in Living Color, Pt. 2

Yesterday, the Fire Engine dropped us off at Central Plaza; today, we’ll mosey on over to the Sleeping Beauty Castle for a few views.

Last one for today is a gorgeous shot of Tomorrowland, complete with a closeup of the hat stand; anybody want to go shopping? These two little tykes are just adorable.

You can also view the guide map posted in the window:

See more vintage and current Disneyland photos at my website.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

May 1959 in Living Color, Pt. 1

Today we travel ahead 3 years in time to spend a little time in May 1959. This batch is one of my favorites; not only is the color wonderful, but I also like the family that is shown throughout. They are totally retro and seem to be having lots of fun. The first shot is The E.P. Ripley pulling Retlaw 1 into the Main Street Train Station; you’ll also note the Kalamazoo handcar on the right; this is one of my earliest shots of it being here. Hey Progressland, do you have a date on when it made its first appearance? I’m really into retro, and this next shot is a total classic; the application of the lipstick, the boy in the Mexican hat (purchased at Davy Crockett’s perhaps?), the leather camera bag, and the perfectly dressed children waiting in line to enter the station. Truly a classic!

Working our way up to Central Plaza, we have two images to round out this morning’s post:

Jetting forward to last weekend, here are two views of the Toy Soldiers that are promoting the recently opened Toy Story Midway Mania attraction at DCA; I would have hated to be these guys in their costumes and heavy face paint with the sweltering temperatures that hit Anaheim on Sunday!

See more vintage and current Disneyland photos at my website.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Disneyland August 1956: Color Restoration 5

The final post in my August 1956 is all about the Skyway. Image #1 shows the Tomorrowland Skyway Station, as well as the sign for the Autopia. My favorite part of the photo is the two dudes with the jaunty hats—how retro! Image #2 is back to the Phantom Boats, with the Mickey Mouse Club Circus Tent visible in the background. By this time, the Mouseketeers had left the tent and Professer Keller & his kitties had about a month to go. In the detail shot provided, you can also see the train at the Fantasyland Depot.

More jaunty hat action in this image, as well as a guest getting ready to pick her nose...shame on her! For signage and safety geeks, I have added a closeup of the Autopia warning sign:

At present day Disneyland, yesterday marked the 45th Anniversary of the Enchanted Tiki Room. Disney celebrated with a merchandise event that caused some devoted guests to wait over 4 hours in line for a chance to pick up some of the way cool collectibles that were available. The long wait was made shorter by conversing with Stuff From the Park’s Patrick & Carlene from Ape Pen Publishing. Patrick pointed out to me an unnoticed detail of the Omnibus. Both he and Carlene suggested I stand in front of the bus to get the best shot...while it was moving. People will do anything to get further up in the line.

Bob Gurr also showed up for the festivities, decked out in his Tiki Best.

Photo #2 shows the amazing artists Jody Daily & Kevin Kidney, the masterminds behind much of the 50th Anniversary collectibles that everyone swarmed to buy.

Naturally, after depleting my bank account for merchandise, I checked out the Tiki Room which provided a welcome air-conditioned respite from the heat.

See more vintage Skyway photos at my website.