Wednesday, June 25, 2008

May 1959 in Living Color, Pt. 2

Yesterday, the Fire Engine dropped us off at Central Plaza; today, we’ll mosey on over to the Sleeping Beauty Castle for a few views.

Last one for today is a gorgeous shot of Tomorrowland, complete with a closeup of the hat stand; anybody want to go shopping? These two little tykes are just adorable.

You can also view the guide map posted in the window:

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Major Pepperidge said...

Look at all those hats with the ostrich feathers!

That last photo is awesome, notice the red sign (wall?) advertising (among other things) Richfield's "The World Beneath Us", "Satellite View of America", and Circarama.

Thufer said...

very nice look at the castle. seeing the area so many years ago is a pleasure.

Jason Schultz said...

I, too, honed in on the signage on the red wall. If you look at the larger image closely, you can see Matterhorn construction just above and beyond the building!

Daveland said...

Jason - shhhhh....don't point out the Matterhorn construction or else you'll spoil the surprise of tomorrow's post! Yup...this is your official teaser, readers!

The Viewliner Limited said...

In living color, indeed. Fantastic TL picture. Thank you.

Jason Schultz said...

Hah! I was considering adding, "That would be an amazing shot if the photographer panned up. Did he do that Dave?" I also considered that you didn't mention the Matterhorn construction because you had something better. :)