Friday, June 06, 2008

Monsanto Planters

It’s Friday, and time for a totally random set of photos. These four shots were taken for Engineering and are labeled "Monsanto Planters." Basically, they are the area just outside of Adventure Thru Inner Space, dated October 1976. And if you don’t believe me on the date, just check out the athletic socks hiked up to here!

How about this cool trio of water fountains?

The Lone Stroller:

For even more random goodness, here’s one that I believe has not been posted before: The Astro Jets, with a little Flight Circle action going on in the background, circa April 1963:

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CoxPilot said...

Hey Dave: I've just achieved the the Golden Mickey of blogs . . . I found myself in a photo! Yup, that's me in the flight circle doing the "mike work" while one of the guys (probably Bart Klapinski) flying a plane. I know it's me because they would always give my a hard time because of the way I would stand with my hand behind my back like a Marine at rest.

Jason Schultz said...

Those drinking fountains look intimidating! If these were taken by Disneyland, I wonder why they weren't just taken on a day when the Park was closed? Maybe they're for "Traffic Flow Engineering"? ;)

Major Pepperidge said...

Those B&W photos are interesting, and odd... "Hmmm, I'll take a photo of those drinking fountains, that'll bring back all kinds of great memories someday!".

Very cool that Coxpilot found himself in a photo, who wouldn't love that??

Unknown said...

Great shots! What a neat concept for a series.

Congratulations, Coxpilot! I look for my self in pictures all of the time and theonly ones I have found myself in are the ones for MouseFest in WDW.

But I didn't have the good fortune to work there, either!

Daveland said...

It's only a guess, but since these photos were for engineering and they are labeled "Monsanto Planters" I would assume that they were either going to install more planters to the area and needed photos of what was currently there, or else they wanted to make adjustments. Coxpilot - glad I finally came through! Hopefully a better one will appear in the near future!

outsidetheberm said...

What an exciting find for Coxpilot! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Throughout 1976, the "planters" were still functioning fountains. Hmmmm...