Thursday, December 31, 2015

Storyteller and Grizzly Peak

Breakfast at the Disneyland Resort Hotels often means a lot of screaming children and sub-par buffet food. Not so at the Grand Californian's Storytellers Cafe. Their Critter Breakfast is delicious and a a lot quieter than its neighboring counterparts.

The lobby area is warm and inviting, reflecting the Craftsman-style of the Grand Californian Hotel where it is located.

A very cool carved detail that gives a peak into the dining area.

Light fixtures that I covet:

Paintings adorn the dining room that are reminiscent of the storybook illustrations by N.C. Wyeth:

These silhouetted tableaus do double duty:

A beautiful place to dine:

The characters are fun and add to the enjoyment of the meal:

with plenty of personality to spare:

After breakfast, I took some of my first shots of the re-themed Grizzly Peak Airfield area of DCA. I'd call it a definite improvement.

A few quotes to enhance your restroom experience:

Soarin' has also benefitted from the retheming:

I am digging this vintage car, which makes one think of a retro family vacation:

Even the interior is chock full of cool details:

Finally for today, a look at the map of the Grizzly Peak area:

Happy New Year to all of you; I hope it is safe AND fun and a great start to 2016!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Disneyland at Night

Disneyland during the day is a magical place; at night, it is beyond spectacular. The lighting transforms it into a completely different world. I am sure guests zoom by the Main Street Emporium Windows while the sun is out; at night, the lighting makes them leap out and beg to be noticed. Here are a few of the newer windows that have been added to the roster, beginning with The Princess and the Frog.

Toy Story:


Frozen…quel surprise!


Although these photos show the detailed craftsmanship that went into the creation of these gems, seeing them in motion in person is a completely different experience. To round out the post, here are a few shots I snapped as I sauntered out of the Park after the fireworks:

Jolly Holiday:

Coke Corner:

and the last one shows the Carnation Cafe:

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Paint the Night

A little over a month ago I finally had the opportunity to see the Paint the Night Parade. I am not a huge parade person, so it really has to blow me away to get me to watch it repeatedly. So far, the only Disneyland parade that has flipped my switch is Soundsational. Paint the Night is enjoyable, but I won't be fighting the crowds to see it again. Here are some shots from that chilly November evening.

Plenty of Peter Pan:

and Tinker Bell, too.


The Genie from Aladdin:

A ton-o-Pixar:

A little break with King Triton and Ariel:

and then right back to Pixar:

No Disney parade would be complete without a little Princess action:

Surprise! There's a float for Frozen:

Between Star Wars and Frozen, it's hard to pick which one I am more tired of having crammed down my throat. Must appeal to masses…must appeal to masses...

And then the classic characters, such as Donald:


And naturally, Mickey Mouse himself!

More Paint the Night photos at my main website.