Monday, December 28, 2015

Paint the Night

A little over a month ago I finally had the opportunity to see the Paint the Night Parade. I am not a huge parade person, so it really has to blow me away to get me to watch it repeatedly. So far, the only Disneyland parade that has flipped my switch is Soundsational. Paint the Night is enjoyable, but I won't be fighting the crowds to see it again. Here are some shots from that chilly November evening.

Plenty of Peter Pan:

and Tinker Bell, too.


The Genie from Aladdin:

A ton-o-Pixar:

A little break with King Triton and Ariel:

and then right back to Pixar:

No Disney parade would be complete without a little Princess action:

Surprise! There's a float for Frozen:

Between Star Wars and Frozen, it's hard to pick which one I am more tired of having crammed down my throat. Must appeal to masses…must appeal to masses...

And then the classic characters, such as Donald:


And naturally, Mickey Mouse himself!

More Paint the Night photos at my main website.


Anonymous said...

Dave, I agree. This was a spectacular parade to see once.

Except, the days we visited, there were four parades a day, two daytime and two nighttime (this one).

The constant crowds and the roping off of the parade routes, thus removing all the pedestrian circulation space, really destroyed the enjoyment of the afternoon of all three days.

We were reduced to riding the DLRR to get from the West Side to the East Side. Just absurd.

But people can't seem to get enough parades, since the route was lined with ground sitters all along and all day long starting at lunch.


Daveland said...

JG - Last visit, I noticed that a new trend seems to be blankets. People leave blankets along the parade route on Main Street. I guess that's their equivalent of a fast pass. I can't imagine Cast Members would allow that to continue. For what it costs to get into the park, why would people waste 2-3 hours camping out? I just don't get it, but to each their own.