Monday, July 24, 2017

Still Blogging

Faithful readers have probably noticed that my blog has gone slightly dark over the last week. Sometimes life gets in the way and I just don't find the time to do a post. The good news is that while I haven't been blogging, I have been having a good time and taking photos. There will be posts coming soon...both vintage and current. Just be patient. Here's a gorgeous sunrise that I shot a few weeks ago in Palm Springs.

A few shots of an abandoned church (I sure would love to shoot inside!):

And some early morning mid-century architecture:

I hope this tides you over for a bit while I get caught up here!

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Yale And Towne at Disneyland

When one of your most loyal readers says he was unaware of something from vintage Main Street, you of course have to do a post focused solely on that thing. In this case, it's the Yale and Towne's Lock Shop, which morphed into the Yale Lock Shop. Open on day one, it appears to have dropped off the Park brochure by 1965.

The Dapper Dans outside the shop in 1960:

More photos and info can be found at Stuff From The Park's blog:

The Yale Lock shop featured a display of locks and keys from ancient times to modern times. Additionaly a guest could get a souvenir key with the Disneyland castle on one side and Yale logo on the reverse. Yale is still at Disneyland as all the doors use Yale and Towne locksets.


A closeup of the shop from 1955:

More recently it was the Disneyana Shop:

And is now "The Book Rest," aka part of Starbucks:

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sweating at the Avalon

For a weekend of soulful thought and contemplation, I went to Palm Springs for a real estate shoot and took some extra time to check out the Avalon Hotel (formerly the Viceroy).

The shoot began at 6am, so after breakfast I took a chance on an early check-in. The room wasn't quite ready, but with free WIFI and a seat in the lounge area I kept busy in the meantime. Before noon they had upgraded me and I was moving into Bungalow 104. Huge bonus points.

The main pool:

The "adult" pool; nothing raunchy, just a no-kids zone. Very much appreciated since I like to do laps.

Play ping pong and watch the sun set over the mountains.

Look in the other direction and catch a beautiful sunrise!

I took advantage of the spa; enjoyed my facial which for the time being, made me look at least 10 years younger. Give or take 9 years.

My "home" for 24 hours: Bungalow 104.

Living room:

Dining room (not sure how relaxing it would be staring at the wallpaper while eating):

Bedroom; VERY comfortable bed. First night of solid sleep in ages.

The bathroom:

And of course, one of my obsessions: light fixtures.

Upgrade, friendly staff, ideal location; what more could one ask for? Maybe temperatures lower than 120 degrees.

I'll definitely be back to the Avalon.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Let's Go To Disneyland 1959, Pt. 2

The trip was August 1959, but the brochures that the family collected during their visit were stamped 1958. It looks like once they landed at the airport they took a limo to Disneyland. $3.25 to get to Disneyland!

Here are your ticket options for the Park:

The Jumbo Book looks like the best deal!

Once you're in the Park, you'll need this brochure:

With the handy-dandy map:

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Friday, July 07, 2017

Let's Go To Disneyland 1959, Pt. 1

I was fortunate to stumble upon an amazingly well preserved collection of paper ephemera from one family's trip to Disneyland circa August 1959. If there are any vintage travel buffs out there, these Airline Ticket documents should be right up your alley.

$176.11. Such a deal!

"America's Leading Airline." I wonder how many others were in business at the time?

Here's a handy little list of Airline contact information; I wonder if any of these numbers still work? Somebody out there please try them and get back to me.

More to come from this batch!

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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Savannah Mourns

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write about the untimely passing of Scott Waldrup, who I met the first time I dined at the Grey Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. From the minute he acknowledged me, I knew this guy was somebody special. He had a one-of-a-kind smile that showed his eternally positive attitude but also let you know that he would happily do something devilish at any moment.

Leaving work on the 4th of July he stumbled onto the scene of a car of gang members who were fleeing the police after a shooting spree. Pushing others out of safety, Scott was hit and killed. Completely senseless. Hailed as a hero, it would be a gross understatement to say that one of Savannah's favorites will be missed.

Click for Savannah online article about Scott's heroism.

On one trip to Savannah, Scott and I met for brunch at the Collins Quarter. He knew everybody; unfortunately, his favorite Barista was not there that day, as he normally created a penis design in Scott's beverage. Only for Scott. You just had to smile.

It was fantastic getting to know him and hearing his story, his travels, about his partner Tart, and experiencing his personality. While still young, he seemed wise beyond his years...yet still so able to be a Peter Pan and have his share of mischevous fun.

He was wearing his partner's jacket; of course, I had to manipulate Tart's name for him.

On my next visit to Savannah, I traveled there with my friends Shawn & Grant. Scott rolled out the red carpet and was a host supreme for the entire visit, meeting us at Mrs. Wilkes for lunch shortly after we stepped off the plane.

As with anyone who met Scott, Shawn & Grant immediately became fast friends with this magical man.

I cherish this shot with Scott, as he was passing the plates of food around the table.

Later in the day it was drinks at Public Kitchen and Bar.

More cocktails and stops at multiple establishments throughout Savannah ended up with this shot taken in front of Mercer House, where most of the action in the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" took place. It was a fun night, capped off with my first round of bed spins in years.

Here is how most people knew Scott; tending over his kingdom at The Grey Restaurant. He never met a stranger.

Another favorite shot, as we posed with a self-timer on the steps of a Savannah home.

On our last night in Savannah, of course we stopped by the Grey to see Scott. So many people did that. He had the kind of personality that made you want to be around him. All the time.

The next morning before we headed to Charleston, Scott and his partner Tart met us for brunch. The memory of that morning brings great happiness and sadness, as it was the last time I got to see his smiling face in person.

The shorts show Scott's love for his country; he was patriotic til the end.

I ask for everyone's thoughts and prayers to be with Scott's family and especially his surviving partner, Tart. Loss is terrible; unexpected loss is unfathomable, especially for such a senseless reason.

I hope that the city of Savannah can band together and do something about the rampant crime that has been increasing over the years. When the cost is one like Scott, action must be taken. And let's do it out of a place of love for Scott, not a place of hate for the perpetrators.

RIP dear man; you were a blessing to so many.

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