Friday, July 07, 2017

Let's Go To Disneyland 1959, Pt. 1

I was fortunate to stumble upon an amazingly well preserved collection of paper ephemera from one family's trip to Disneyland circa August 1959. If there are any vintage travel buffs out there, these Airline Ticket documents should be right up your alley.

$176.11. Such a deal!

"America's Leading Airline." I wonder how many others were in business at the time?

Here's a handy little list of Airline contact information; I wonder if any of these numbers still work? Somebody out there please try them and get back to me.

More to come from this batch!

See more vintage Disneyland ephemera at my main website.


Chuck said...

Dave, while it's currently an inactive extension, the St Louis reservation number was most recently assigned to the ticket sales office of the St Louis Cardinals. I'll leave checking the other 85 to your local representatives in their respective markets. :-)

Fifthrider said...

I called TRansylvania 6-5000 several times but no one answered.

Very cool to see these vintage tickets. I can almost hear the credit card roller as it moved back and forth over the ticket, imprinting the info on it.

Jimmy said...

Actually, that's not such a deal. $176.11 in 1959 is equal to $1,501.17 today adjusted for inflation. Air travel used to be very expensive.

Nanook said...

'Only' a $3.00 "No Show" penalty-! My, how times have changed.

@ Fifthrider-

Exactly, those lovely old Farrington embossers. (Where's my Charga-Plate-??)

Daveland said...

Great job, Chuck! Still waiting to hear back from all my other readers out there for the rest.

Bryan - Maybe they're on vacation