Thursday, July 06, 2017

Savannah Mourns

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write about the untimely passing of Scott Waldrup, who I met the first time I dined at the Grey Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. From the minute he acknowledged me, I knew this guy was somebody special. He had a one-of-a-kind smile that showed his eternally positive attitude but also let you know that he would happily do something devilish at any moment.

Leaving work on the 4th of July he stumbled onto the scene of a car of gang members who were fleeing the police after a shooting spree. Pushing others out of safety, Scott was hit and killed. Completely senseless. Hailed as a hero, it would be a gross understatement to say that one of Savannah's favorites will be missed.

Click for Savannah online article about Scott's heroism.

On one trip to Savannah, Scott and I met for brunch at the Collins Quarter. He knew everybody; unfortunately, his favorite Barista was not there that day, as he normally created a penis design in Scott's beverage. Only for Scott. You just had to smile.

It was fantastic getting to know him and hearing his story, his travels, about his partner Tart, and experiencing his personality. While still young, he seemed wise beyond his years...yet still so able to be a Peter Pan and have his share of mischevous fun.

He was wearing his partner's jacket; of course, I had to manipulate Tart's name for him.

On my next visit to Savannah, I traveled there with my friends Shawn & Grant. Scott rolled out the red carpet and was a host supreme for the entire visit, meeting us at Mrs. Wilkes for lunch shortly after we stepped off the plane.

As with anyone who met Scott, Shawn & Grant immediately became fast friends with this magical man.

I cherish this shot with Scott, as he was passing the plates of food around the table.

Later in the day it was drinks at Public Kitchen and Bar.

More cocktails and stops at multiple establishments throughout Savannah ended up with this shot taken in front of Mercer House, where most of the action in the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" took place. It was a fun night, capped off with my first round of bed spins in years.

Here is how most people knew Scott; tending over his kingdom at The Grey Restaurant. He never met a stranger.

Another favorite shot, as we posed with a self-timer on the steps of a Savannah home.

On our last night in Savannah, of course we stopped by the Grey to see Scott. So many people did that. He had the kind of personality that made you want to be around him. All the time.

The next morning before we headed to Charleston, Scott and his partner Tart met us for brunch. The memory of that morning brings great happiness and sadness, as it was the last time I got to see his smiling face in person.

The shorts show Scott's love for his country; he was patriotic til the end.

I ask for everyone's thoughts and prayers to be with Scott's family and especially his surviving partner, Tart. Loss is terrible; unexpected loss is unfathomable, especially for such a senseless reason.

I hope that the city of Savannah can band together and do something about the rampant crime that has been increasing over the years. When the cost is one like Scott, action must be taken. And let's do it out of a place of love for Scott, not a place of hate for the perpetrators.

RIP dear man; you were a blessing to so many.

More of my photos that show the beauty of Savannah on my main website.


Anthony "Pants" said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. He sounds like an amazing man.

Unknown said...

I went to high school with Scott and hadn't seen him in years, but I always thought of him and his joyful spirit. Thank you for this tribute. How you describe him is absolutely true and was even then when we were really just kids muddling our way through figuring out who we were. He was always so loving and true both to himself and to his friends. He will be missed beyond words, but I take comfort in knowing how many people's lives he touched as he certainly touched mine.

Fifthrider said...

Thank you for providing a story and more detail about this. The biggest tragedy is that it's always seems to be the truly nice people ( the ones who you wish would be around forever ) that seem to be involved in an outcome like this. I never met him but thanks to this I now feel like I did. This is a rotten tragedy that happened for all the wrong reasons. The world was clearly a better place with Scott in it. I am so sorry for this loss, but also very grateful that you shared his story with us all.

Anonymous said...

You did a very nice tribute Dave. I'm at a loss for words. My deepest condolences to you and Scott's family. KS

K. Martinez said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend, Dave. Just from these photos I can tell Scott spread light and joy among his friends.

Sometimes life throws us off balance with the sudden loss of a friend or partner and we don't know how to make sense of it all. The best way we can honor the memory of those we have lost is by living life to the fullest and carrying their light forward to others.

By thoughts and prayers for his partner, Tart.

Thank you for sharing your friend with us.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad story, Dave.

So sorry to hear this.


Anonymous said...

From his eyes shone the beams of glory to come. A man consumed with love spreading it to all. A man known once in a lifetime. Cherish him and each other as he would wish you to do.

Unknown said...

My condolences to his love ones..Scott seem to be a blessing to everyone he came across. Blessings to you all

Julie said...

A beautiful tribute to your beautiful friend. I'm so sad for our community and so sorry for the loss of such a sweet spirit.

Chad Darnell said...

Dave, thank you for capturing the beauty of a hero and a true host of our city. Thank you for sharing these pics and your story, THIS is how you honor and remember a beloved spirit. Thank you.

mjbthird said...

A beautiful post and commemoration. A terrible loss. My condolences to you and Scott's loved ones.
- Mike

Janey said...

What a tragic story. I am so sorry for your loss, as well as that of his friends and the city of Savannah. Your memories and writings really showcase what a fun and wonderful man he must have been.


Unknown said...

The first time i met Scott was at the Bar in The Grey. He was the perfect host creating first a cocktail and then pairing 3 fabulous wines with our dinner, I returned to enjoy his company whenever I was in town and even shared some dessert wine with Tart on one trip. A tragic loss. JC

Anonymous said...

The 17 year old perp should be tried as an adult, found guilty and sentence to multiple life terms without the possibility of parole.

Unknown said...

As your memories of him remain and they enhance and motivate your positive approach to life, he lives.