Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Let's Go To Disneyland 1959, Pt. 2

The trip was August 1959, but the brochures that the family collected during their visit were stamped 1958. It looks like once they landed at the airport they took a limo to Disneyland. $3.25 to get to Disneyland!

Here are your ticket options for the Park:

The Jumbo Book looks like the best deal!

Once you're in the Park, you'll need this brochure:

With the handy-dandy map:

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Fifthrider said...

This is some really cool epherma, things I have never seen before. it looks like 1958/9 was a great time to look at the park since it was before the '59 upgrade and yet open long enough to be established.

Until now I never realized that when Disneyland was closed on Mon & Tues, this was only during the Fall/Winter seasons. I previously figured that must have been year-round. I'm only barely recognizing some of what I read from the things Marty Sklar talked about in his book from the handouts and flyers he designed back then.

It's hard to be believe the Grand Canyon Diorama was once without the continuation into the dinosaurs. I just assumed those two always went together. I've also never heard about Yale and Towne before. Funny how I know about the cigar shop, the gun shop and the Wizard of Bras, but I've never once heard about a locksmith shop.

I'm having a hard time finding Star wars Land on the map.

Anonymous said...

During my tenure at the Park (thru early 1978, the Park was still observing the Mon-Tue closures during the 'off-season'. To me, that wasn't so long ago. KS

Darryl said...

Maybe the locksmith shop was a part of a deal with the rest of the park..."Let's get these lock guys to give us a great deal on all the locks we need and we'll throw 'em a bone, give 'em little shop on Main Street for a while for all the free advertisement they'll get"