Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Fantasyland Depot

Sure it looks flat and cheaply made, but that's part of the charm of the original Fantasyland Depot. This rare image is the best one in my collection and I can't believe I was able to acquire it! Based on other slides in the set, it's most likely from 1956. I'd say a zoom in is definitely called for here!

The colors and detail are so vibrant I almost feel like I could jump into this photo and board the train!

Here's a previously posted shot of the ticket booth:

And what was once my best shot of the Depot. Oh how I love an upgrade!

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Janet Leigh at the Red Wagon Inn

More from Janet Leigh's 1962 visit to Disneyland with daughters Kelly and Jamie Lee Curtis. This time we see them dining at the Red Wagon Inn, which became the Plaza Inn a few years later.

I really like these informal shots that show her interacting with her daughters.

The Dapper Dans appeared to entertain the gang, and little Kelly got to wear one of their Bowler hats.

For all you art fans that might be interested in seeing the still-life painting on the wall, here's a detailed view:

I am sure Kelly is teasing her sister for not getting to wear a hat!

To top the whole thing off, they also got a visit from Mickey Mouse himself:

Here's a look at the placemat/menu that's on the table:

Poor Mickey; I can only imagine how many times a day this happens to him:

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday in Turo

Having acquired a few more negatives from the "Lucy's Italian Movie" episode of "I Love Lucy," I thought it was time to put them together in storyline order and present them as a set. Debuting on April 16, 1956, it is one of the most famous episodes of the series. Ricky, Lucy, Ethel, and Fred are on a train to Rome where Ricky's band will be playing. Cramped into one area because Fred was too cheap to buy sleeping berths, the gang feel like sardines...without the oil. While on the train, a famous Italian movie producer discovers Lucy and wants to give her a bit part in his next movie titled "Grappolo Pungente." When Lucy learns later that the title translates to "Bitter Grapes," she assumes it is about the wine making industry and decides to do some background research before making her debut on set.

The hotel bellman tells her that there is a winery in Turo where they stomp grapes and make wine the old-fashioned way. Lucy dresses appropriately to blend in and heads to Turo, despite Ricky forbidding her from "soaking up local color." When she arrives, Lucy falls in line with the rest of the ladies who have shown up for a day's work. Ernesto Molinari played the vineyard boss at far right who chooses Lucy because of her feet being as big as pizzas.

Lucille Ball didn't practice with real grapes until the day of filming. What you see in the episode is her genuine reaction, which she later said felt like "stepping on eyeballs." Teresa Tirelli played the other grape-stomper who ends up wrestling Lucy in one of the funniest fights ever captured on film.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Moments with Mr. Lincoln

In honor of President's Day, today's post will feature some previously unreleased shots of Abe from a December 2015 visit to the Park. Yes. I am behind. What's new?!?

Shots #2 and #3 are from the slideshow of paintings that depict the life of our 16th President.

My wide angle lens gives a complete view of the stage, Abe, and props. Typically I am focused on getting as close to Mr. Lincoln as possible.

I love the lighting effects towards the end, which completely change the mood of the scene as the patriotic music in the background begins.

Sunrise or sunset?

The background showing the Lincoln Memorial statue as Abe sits calmly in his chair. Didja' know...Daniel Chester French was the designer of the statue which was carved by the Piccirilli Brothers, a family of renowned marble carvers and sculptors that lived in the Bronx.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Vintage Frontierland Friday

This vintage 1957 shot shows Black Bart, flirting with a guest at Disneyland. In the background is Eddie Adamek who sold trick ropes out of the Blacksmith shop. Actor/comedian/writer Steve Martin learned to trick rope from Eddie when he worked at the park back in the 1950’s; this came in handy 30 years later for his 1986 movie, “The Three Amigos.”

At about the 52 second mark in this video you can see Eddie doing his stuff!

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Day Recap

No time for a post yesterday, but today I will share what I did on Valentine's Day: a 1.5 mile trek up Cowles Mountain to photograph a proposal. I made it to the top in record time.

Since I beat the couple (and their dog) by almost an hour, I had plenty of time to hide in the bushes (she didn't know he was proposing) and look like a creeper all the while trying to keep myself and my camera dry from the rain. No, I haven't grown moobs...that's my camera under the coat.

Thanks to the miracle of text Artie notified me when they arrived and I was able to move into position, all the while praying that Sarah wouldn't hear my camera shutter. Yes...it's that loud.

She didn't hear me, and of course she said "yes."

Slipping the ring on:

Once the surprise was over, I came down to their location to snap a few sunset shots. Fortunately the rain had stopped and nature provided the perfect backdrop for this amazing couple.

On the hike down, I stopped to shoot a few more sunset photos. What a breathtaking view.

It had been almost 5 years since my last visit and hike to Cowles, when Willis (who was my Valentine this year) accompanied me. I am sure he was glad he didn't have to go this time!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Temple Tuesday: Comeback Shirley

For Temple Tuesday I have a medley of photos related to not one but TWO comebacks Shirley experienced in the early 1940s. The first photo shows Shirley at age three and was re-published to coincide with her first "comeback" in 1941. Here's the accompanying publicity blurb:

THE QUEEN RETURNS!…After an absence of a year and a half from the screen, Shirley Temple is returning to the scenes of her former triumphs. The little golden-haired girl who danced her way into the hearts of millions is now older and taller. Her golden curls have turned brunette; her voice is stinger and more precise than before. Her first picture is "The Girl on the Hill" which she is making for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. With her in the picture are Herbert Marshall, Laraine Day, Gail Patrick, and Felix Bressart. Harold S. Bucket directed, George Haight, produced.

3. WHEN SHIRLEY WAS THREE her mother started giving her dancing lessons. After three lessons she was offered a screen test by a film talent scout.

This photo shows Shirley as "Kathleen" (which is what "The Girl on the Hill" was retitled for release) in a dream sequence.

Shirley was able to keep all of her outfits (part of her contract at Fox, too). This particular outfit got re-used at a 1948 costume party she attended with first husband John Agar.

Almost 70 years later the very same outfit hit the auction block, looking minty fresh. Shirley knew how to take care of her clothes!

The auction also included the shoes and fan. What a deal!

A shot of the auction itself before it landed in the hands of Nick The Vintage Costume Collector:

After "Kathleen" did tepid box office, Shirley took some more time off before returning to the screen in "Miss Annie Rooney." Here she is on set with choreographer Nick Castle and costar Dickie Moore. Castle was a very popular choreographer, with a number of well known films to his credit: Judy Garland's "Summer Stock," Fred Astaire's "Royal Wedding," and "State Fair" with Ann-Margret.

The scene Shirley was rehearsing for is shown here in this vintage 1942 lobby card:

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