Sunday, February 11, 2018

Moonliner Monday

How about some vintage Disneyland Moonliner shots to start your Monday with a blast...into space! The first image is from 1958 and gives us a look of the explanatory signage about the 80' tall 1/3 scale rocket space ship model that stood outside of the Rocket to the Moon attraction.

Today a 1/3 smaller version exists to sell Coke at Disneyland:

Back to the past with this undated image that also affords a view of the Flight Circle. I still miss Cox Pilot and his wonderful commentary.

At first glance this May 1956 shot seems ho-hum:

but a detailed closeup gives a view of the exterior waiting area for the attraction:

An adorable shot of a mom and daughter from April 1959:

Daughter is proudly holding a Park brochure; and how about that hand-tooled leather purse that mom is toating?

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E Michael Gannon said...

Are those two boys Wally and the Beaver? :)

Anonymous said...

I miss Cox Pilot too.

Thanks for the look back, Dave.


Dave DeCaro said...

Michael - If not, they are probably cousins!

JG: You are very welcome!

Anonymous said...

Yep, same here Dave. Cox Pilot was a great source of history. His input is greatly missed. KS

Patrick Devlin said...

OH these will be wonderful reference for my 1/4" scale model that I hope to have done by Xmas. Thanks so much Dave, yet another of my many excuses has evaporated...