Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Mark Twain at Night

Even though it's out of commission for a few years while Star Wars Land is being built, The Mighty Mark Twain still looks gorgeous...

especially at night!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Meow Wolf in Santa Fe

While at the UCDA Design Summit, I kept hearing about something called Meow Wolf and was repeatedly told that I needed to check it out. On the last day of my trip, I took a cab...and boy am I glad I did! Located in a converted bowling alley, this art complex first greets you with these mammoth art pieces in its parking lot.

The tagline on Kickstarter: "Meow Wolf and George RR Martin join forces to produce an art complex featuring the most insane art experience imaginable." Insane is right; in a good way! Once you pay your admission, you enter the front yard of a house located inside the gallery. I kept thinking, what the heck is this place?

As I entered the two-story home, I saw the coat closet located under the stairs. Someone was exiting it.

What the hell. I went in, too. Every door led to a new gallery and a new experience.

Place your hand here to open the door to another room. It's like Star Trek!

A treehouse!

A band was setting up.

An 80's Arcade:

A black light undersea wonderland:

Musical dinosaur bones that all played different notes when touched.

And then suddenly, I opened a door and was back in the kitchen.

I could have spent two entire days exploring. It was like a cracked out version of Disneyland where I saw young and old exploring this amazing complex together. If you're in Santa Fe, do not miss this place!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Santa Fe Art Scene, Pt. 2

While wandering through downtown Santa Fe I came upon the New Mexico Museum of Art. I was definitely more stimulated here than I was at the Georgia O'Keefe Museum.

The adobe structure held a treasure trove of art, and while I was not familiar with many of the artists, I enjoyed the collection nonetheless.

Inside there was a little chapel with a number of beautiful frescoes.

A lovely courtyard led the way to the galleries.

A few favorite pieces; "Three Quarter Length Self Portrait" by Theodore Van Soelen:

"My Children" by Herbert Dunton:

A Rembrandt etching:

I don't have the info on this one, but it is deliciously deco.

I love staircases; almost as much as light fixtures.

One room, title Medieval to Metal, featured an amazing collection of guitars.

Check out the spider!

"Velorio" by James Stovall Morris:

"Rough Riders" by Billy Schenk:

It was an afternoon well spent that energized me creatively!

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Santa Fe Art Scene, Pt. 1

I was excited to see the Georgia O'Keefe Museum while in Santa Fe, especially since that area was so close to her heart. However, I have to say I was somewhat disappointed. The museum only displayed a very small selection of her work...

And while most of them were beautiful, it seemed like they had scraped the bottom of the barrel for what they displayed.

I can only surmise that most of her good pieces were in the hands of larger more high profile museums (translation: deeper pockets).

Still, I enjoyed the video that ran in the small theater room there detailing how her work came to be. Initially, her work was more free-flowing and abstract. When the critics attached sexual meanings and subtexts, she decided to stick to real objects, such as fruit and flowers.

Despite her change in subject, the critics continued to add meanings that were not the original intention of Ms. O'Keefe. As they say, art is in the eye of the beholder. It can mean something completely different to every person that views it.

The most fascinating thing at the museum was being able to see a little watercolor pad that she "sketched" on...

as well as her paintbox. Always interesting to see the tools that an artist uses to create.

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