Thursday, May 19, 2016

Santa Fe Eats

When I travel, I love exploring new restaurants and especially ones that feature regional cuisine. Here are a few from my recent trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, beginning with The Coyote Cafe and Rooftop Cantina.

This must be said coyote.

While somewhat touristy, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal here at the Chef's table.

It is always fascinating to watch a chef and their team prepare a meal, while watching the interactions between them.

Dessert was a delicious take on a banana cream pie.

Sazón was a restaurant that I ate at with some of the presenters from the UCDA Design Summit.

Located slightly off the main path of downtown Santa Fe, it was a good choice.

Plenty to see and stare at as far as the decor goes.

This painting of Frida Kahlo stared at me through the entire dinner.

Chef Fernando Olea joined our illustrious group for a photo. How could you NOT take a photo with a Chef in a black cowboy hat?

The highlight of the Summit was a Native American meal prepared by Chef Lois Ellen Frank of Red Mesa Catering.

Chef Walter Whitewater assisted her in the kitchen.

The place settings included a necklace of dyed corn.

The sustainably wild caught chipotle shrimp was out of this world.

As simple as it may sound, the organic sweet yellow corn soup was also a resounding hit. Even though it had no dairy in it, it was the creamiest concoction you could imagine!

The main entrée was locally raised organic lamb stuffed inside a New Mexico green chile. Also out of this world! still my heart. A baked mixed berry crisp and dark chocolate and pine nut torte. This meal was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to eat delicious locally prepared food while listening to stories about the Native American culture and how these dishes were created from the simplest of ingredients.

The last two shots are for entertainment purposes only! I was captured capturing my morning waffle at Luminaria Restaurant.

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Chuck said...

Is the Santa Fe Coyote Cafe owned by the same company as the ones in San Diego?

Fifthrider said...

My favorite pic is oddly enough, the one of you getting a pic.

K. Martinez said...

Dave, This is some wonderful food photography you've posted today. You also did a beautiful job photographing the chefs and team in action. Thanks!

Daveland said...

Hi Chuck - Based on my internet search, they don't appear to be related, and the San Diego one is called Cafe Coyote.

Chuck said...

Thanks, Dave!