Friday, May 20, 2016

Widerluege, Skyway Station

It was nice having you while it lasted.

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Fifthrider said...

There used to be a time I went to DL thinking "I wonder what's new?" Now I go and visit attractions thinking "I wonder if this is the last time I'll see this, at least in this condition?" I vaguely remember the last time I went on the skyway. I had no idea it would be my last trip up those steps.

Given Disney's current policy of "leave no real estate unused" it seems odd to have this here, unused. I don't buy that "wheelchair compliant" thing either. Sleeping Beauty's castle isn't wheelchair compliant, neither are the subs.

Great pics, great memories, thanks as always.

DrGoat said...

Have fond memories of the Skyway. Loved the chalet and
stepping out into that area of the park.

K. Martinez said...

Yep, it looks old the Skyway Chalet's time is really up this time. I've always loved that first photo with the potted plants on the ledge and ornate framing of the open window. Thanks, Dave.

Unknown said...

Great lede with the Schweizerdeutsch, Dave. It's always surprising, like in the last shot, to see how substantial the chalet really was when the surrounding forest wasn't nearly so, well, foresty. A great example of full-tilt theming and execution.

Unknown said...

Very sad indeed. Should be preserved. Historical.

Anonymous said...

I have vivid memories of walking up the stairs to catch a bucket to Tomorrowland. It was such a pretty structure with the yodeling music playing, turning around and looking down on Fantasyland. It was so magical. In my opinion the design of the building fits with today's Fantasyland even better. If only they would have kept it for another purpose. Disneyland was also called the "Park" back in the day because it looked like one. So sad to see it go. KS