Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Santa Fe Art Scene, Pt. 2

While wandering through downtown Santa Fe I came upon the New Mexico Museum of Art. I was definitely more stimulated here than I was at the Georgia O'Keefe Museum.

The adobe structure held a treasure trove of art, and while I was not familiar with many of the artists, I enjoyed the collection nonetheless.

Inside there was a little chapel with a number of beautiful frescoes.

A lovely courtyard led the way to the galleries.

A few favorite pieces; "Three Quarter Length Self Portrait" by Theodore Van Soelen:

"My Children" by Herbert Dunton:

A Rembrandt etching:

I don't have the info on this one, but it is deliciously deco.

I love staircases; almost as much as light fixtures.

One room, title Medieval to Metal, featured an amazing collection of guitars.

Check out the spider!

"Velorio" by James Stovall Morris:

"Rough Riders" by Billy Schenk:

It was an afternoon well spent that energized me creatively!

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K. Martinez said...

Looks like a wonderful collection. I really like "My Children" by Herbert Dunton. Very nice post today. Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Again, our reaction much the same. Did you make it up the hill to the museum cluster out there?


Daveland said...

Hi JG - since I was there for a conference I didn't have much time for outside exploration, so unfortunately not.