Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Journey Back To 1956 Pt. 2

Welcome back to 1956. The paddlewheel of the mighty Mark Twain is churning round the green Rivers of America at Disneyland.

The more decoratively appointed Bertha Mae Keel Boat can be seen cruising the River.

A closer look:

From the dock side of the river we get an alternative view of the Bertha Mae:

as well as an Indian Canoe:

C'mon people, get the lead out! Start paddling harder!

There's a raft full of peeps ready to explore Tom Sawyer's Island.

A detailed view provides a look at Fowler's Harbor and the original tunnel for the Disneyland Railroad in Frontierland.

Our 1956 photographer sure loved the River!

I am guessing this shot of the Golden Horseshoe was taken from the treehouse (or thereabouts) on Tom Sawyer Island.

By this point in Disneyland history, the Indian Village had already been moved from its original location near Adventureland to its new spot in Frontierland.

Care to ride a canoe?

I love interior images of Fort Wilderness; if only it could be restored to its 1956 glory.

The final two shots in the collection show Knotts Berry Farm, starting with this image of panning for gold.

I have read that panning for gold is supposed to return to Knotts this year. Hooray!

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Unknown said...

Wow! That's just a cornucopia of vintage delights, Dave. You've made my Tuesday morning! Thanks...

K. Martinez said...

And to think the Columbia would soon join the busy Rivers of America. Wonderful set today! So much to look at. That's great news about Knott's bringing back the panning for gold. Thanks, Dave.

Irene said...

Actually panning for gold at Knotts never left. When they built the big wooden roller coaster up front they moved panning in to Ghost Town near the cemetery. It was never quite the same there. Now for this years 75th anniversary they have moved panning back to the front close to where it used to be. I haven't seen it yet but those who have say it's very nicely done and they are getting more business once again.

MRaymond said...

Disneyland as it appeared a few years before I came around. It's strange seeing the park without the big trees. Please set the Wayback machine for 1956, I'm going in. I would love to wander around inside Fort Wilderness again and take the secret tunnel out to the river again.

Chuck said...

I didn't remember the different veins of "rock" visible in the walls around the gold-panning area. For those who've visited more recently than 1995 - is that detail still visible?

TokyoMagic! said...

Super nice set, Dave!

Chuck, those rocks were bulldozed about 18 years ago, and the sunken area was filled in with dirt. At the same time, the old mine tunnel that was used as an alternate way to get down there was shortened in length and is now used as the entrance for Ghost Rider, the wooden roller coaster that Irene mentioned.