Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Temple Tuesday: Sara's Birthday

Today’s TT photo shows the birthday party sequence from Shirley’s Technicolor classic, “The Little Princess.” How do you make bad news even worse? Have it follow a super joyous occasion! Sara Crewe (played by Shirley) barely gets to blow out the candles when she is told that her father has died in the war. It’s a Shirley movie, so of course there’s a happy ending!

I love how even for this publicity shot, all the actors are in full character. Mary Nash as the evil Miss Minchin glares at Shirley. Marcia Mae Jones who plays Shirley’s arch rival in the film is appropriately haughty. Shirley is happy as could be, as she rips into a birthday present.

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Duped at Disneyland

I was excited to receive this first image when I purchased it; granted, it looked a little dark, but I figured I could bring out some detail. Unfortunately, the seller (who took his sweet time in shipping it), also chose to use the word "original” when he listed the slide instead of marking it a “duplicate,” which the slide holder clearly states. It’s still a cool shot of Trinidad pushing his cart down Main Street towards Central Plaza. Note the Ruggles China and Glass Shop on the far right.

What’s that little tent in the alleyway next to the Red Wagon Inn? Not knowing the date of this dupe, it’s hard to say exactly. It could be the Disney Artists Exhibit, which was basically a sale of old Disney animation cels...

Or it could be the promotional area for Edison Square, which never came to fruition.

Today, it’s where you go for First Aid.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Austin Neon on Congress Avenue

As a vintage neon fan, I was in hog heaven on South Congress Avenue in Austin. I hadn’t realized that Austin was a mecca for neon, but today’s post sure does attest to that fact! Neon has been called a dying art form, so it sure was nice to see it alive and well and in abundance! Here are a few of the examples of what I saw as I strolled up and down Congress Avenue...before the rain began! BTW: since I am admittedly not a neon expert, if some of these signs are not made of neon, please forgive me!

This cup of java is in a hurry!

A nice play on words...let’s all just get along, shall we?

It’s a pizza joint...but the pizza looks more like a button to me.

I wonder what the designer of this had in mind when they were creating it?

Finally, how about this neon rainbow ceiling?

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Temple Tuesday: Who Is Henry?

This May 19, 1938 image was shot between takes of “Just Around the Corner,” one of Shirley’s less than stellar childhood movies. Here she is reading her lesson under the supervision of her teacher, Frances Klamt in her dressing room trailer. On the right is a reporter from Better Homes & Gardens, Gladys Denny Shultz. Want to see what she’s reading?

Melissa, aka “The Colonel,” couldn’t resist this photo, so she had it sent to me for scanning with the hope that my scan could bring out the detail of Shirley’s lesson that day. It sure did! Melissa immediately sent me what she could make out:

before me. I whipped around the first…and made for the bridge with the…..race horse.
When I reached home, I had….with my shot. I dared not sh…house or tell where I got it, and I g…..the same day.
But after all, that six-pounder….deal of sense into my skull. It was…..thing I ever stole, and it gave me…..the great folly of wanting more….can enjoy.
In my student of men I often think…is a man with a cannon ball and ….I know it by the way he walks.”

1. What lesson did the boy Henry learn from his experience in….Find the sentence that….
2. What is meant by…man a cannon ball
3. Did you ever

I’m bored just reading this excerpt! Shirley is wearing the outfit from the Playroom scene of the movie, when a bunch of snotty little rich kids shoo her out of their fancy-schmancy playroom at the Riverview. The joke’s on them; she ends up with rich little Milton AND gets her dad a multi-million dollar construction deal!

Take that, you snooty little pipsqueaks!

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Monday, January 20, 2020

First Trip to Joshua Tree

Even though I have been to Palm Springs countless times, I had never taken the time to venture the extra miles to Joshua Tree National Park. Thanks to my friend Danny, this last trek changed all that. Named for the trees that are found throughout the area, it truly is a desert wonder.

It was great to have someone else to take that all important “selfie” to document: “I WAS THERE!”

While the Park is breathtakingly beautiful, I was somewhat surprised by the steady stream of cars that drove through the two-lane street during our visit. It would probably be a better experience to go during the week when I return.

…and I do plan on returning. I feel like I barely explored the nearly 800,000 acres that encompass the Park.

I had to do one of my multiple exposure shots.

For once, I actually desaturated one of my shots. During the golden hour? What a sin!

Stay tuned for trip #2!

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Welcome to Disneyland, 1961!

It’s June 1961 in this first image and guests are scurrying through the Disneyland Railroad underpass to get to the GOOD STUFF! But let’s slow down and take a look at what’s in this photo; it’s purty durn good on its own. The Grand Canyon Passenger Car is up top on the tracks; it would eventually be converted into the Lilly Belle VIP Passenger car which still makes the Grand Circle Tour around the Park.

Over at the Disneyland News Stand there are all kinds of cool things: a Main Street employee in her turn-of-the-century dress, Annette Funicello on at least two different publication covers, and perhaps a TV tray on the right? What do YOU see?

I also bought this June 1961 Frontierland image, hoping I’d be able to get some interesting detail out of the shadows of the Shooting Gallery. Alas, not so.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Movie Colony in Palm Springs

This boutique hotel is a gem tucked away on the main drag of Palm Springs. If you’re not looking for it, it’s easy to miss as you zoom by on Indian Canyon Drive. Designed by Albert Frey in the 1930’s, it blends in with the rest of the landscape around it. If you don’t know who Frey is, he’s the Swiss architect who established “desert modernism.” Ever been to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Station? Yup...that’s his, too.

The Visitors Center on the way into Palm Springs was once a gas station designed by Frey. But I digress...back to the Movie Colony.

I stayed here on a recent visit to the Desert; first time I’d done so since 2008. I liked it then...and I still like it twelve years later! It’s stylish in a very simple way…

intimate, clean, excellent service, and quiet. No kiddies allowed.

Good-sized pool and a jacuzzi/hot tub with views of the mountains. Great for a star-filled evening.

It is wise to make reservations early though; it is a small boutique hotel and fills up fast.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Temple Tuesday: Shirley at the Piano

Melissa (aka “The Colonel”) recently gifted me this 1940 shot of Shirley at home, playing her Steinway piano. The Baby Grand was sold at the 2015 “Love, Shirley Temple” Theriault’s auction. Here’s the catalog description:


5' x 10 1/2'. Having luxury walnut Chippendale case, the Steinway L model baby grand piano has original lyre and pedals, traywork, soundboard and ribs, bridges, pinblock, tuning pins, and key tops. The piano has Steinway serial number of 299183 and was produced in 1939, according to Steinway records. Included are the original bench and various photographs of Shirley Temple at the piano.

NOTE: this picture accompanied the auction, but it is obvious that it is much earlier than 1939; based on how she looks I would guess 1935.

The piano was a gift to her from the Steinway company in 1939, and features an inscription plate reading "I hope dear Shirley that you will like this piano as much as the Steinways like you! And that's a lot! Theodore G. Steinway 1939".

Presale Estimate: 30,000+
Realized Price: $45,000

Here are a few 1944 shots I found of Shirley at home at the piano:

Answering fan mail; note the ink well for her refillable pen at the lower left of the shot.

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Midget Monday

Hard to believe, but at one time Disneyland had three Autopia attractions: the main one, the Junior Autopia, and the Midget Autopia. This summer 1959 image yields a few fun detailed views. You can just see this little girl smugly pulling rank on her younger brother and loving it!

Looks like a broken headlight!

A vehicle under a tarp, waiting to be put into circulation:

A previously posted trio of color shots from February 1960. I am pretty sure these girls were the inspiration for the “Redrum” twins from “The Shining.”

There they go, cruising off into the depths of evil and depravity.

The Midget Autopia went away in 1966, and was donated to Walt's home town of Marceline.

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