Wednesday, January 08, 2020

My Favorite Adventureland Gadget

Some of my very favorite memories of Disneyland as a kid involved the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Today’s first image is from February 1965. Why did it appeal to me? That water wheel...that great big beautiful Rube Goldberg mechanical wonder! If you don't know who/what Rube Goldberg is, look it up! Briefly, let’s flash forward to 2012 to see a very similar view of the Adventureland border below:

Why was I fixated on Rube Goldberg type machines? Blame it on this game by Ideal: Mousetrap! I didn’t care what the rules were or how you were supposed to play it. I just lived for the final moment when you could watch the ball go through the entire maze and see how each section of the game helped catapult it forward. It still gets me excited to think about watching that cage come down on the plastic mouse!

Here are two from July 1963:

Look at the sense of wonder on those guests’ faces!

All that intricate machinery! It’s like Mousetrap...ON STEROIDS! May 1965:

August 1966:

March 1968:

December 1968:

Three from February 1971:

And then...the day my favorite treehouse got dumbed down. Tarzan took over in 2000.

RIP, you beautiful Rube Goldberg wheel! You inspired my brain with your awesome gadgetry!

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Anonymous said...

What? No waterwheel?? How does Tarzan live without running water?? I agree, that was the most ingenious parts of the attraction. I'd work the turnstile now and them and hear that water rushing by and the 'knocking' sound of the individual bamboo containers as they filled and righted themselves up the line. That's a real bummer! KS

Darryl said...

I couldn't agree more...the waterwheel and subsequent flowing of water down the bamboo troughs, winding its way around for all of the Robinsons to use was master full...ah, but we have memories...and your photos!

"Lou and Sue" said...

Great pictures! I love the water wheel picture where "we're" looking through to the "outside," and see the guests staring in at the wheel - trying to figure it all out. (I also loved Mouse Trap, too!)

Thanks, Dave!


MRaymond said...

I remember climbing the tree and following a bamboo cup as it rose to the drop trough, then following the bamboo trough into most of the rooms in the tree house. Great photos, you never disappoint.

Daveland said...

Glad to know I am not alone in my love for that waterwheel!