Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Entrance to Disneyland

Hope you can stand a few more vintage Disneyland entrance shots! First one is from March 1958. What else can be said about those crazy 1950's ticket prices?

This closeup from the same shot appears to be a Guidebook Salesman, or maybe just a kid dressed up fancy in a vest:

This Spring 1957 shot shows the exit, with the Disneyland Railroad's E.P. Ripley looming overheard. I sure do miss riding the trains.

This last shot is one I captured last May; so much more high tech and slick looking compared to its 1950's predecessors.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Coffee at the Saga

This vintage photo from September 2, 1960 shows a family sitting at the Saga Coffee Shop on Harbor Boulevard. Across the street you can see the iconic Disneyland entrance marquee.

A closeup of the Coffee Shop menus.

This previously posted 1971 shot shows the Saga Motor Hotel where the Coffee Shop was located.

This location is now the Grand Legacy at the Park Hotel and before that, The Ramada Maingate. That's a lot of names to remember - sheesh!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Vintage Town Square

Let's celebrate Disneyland's Town Square, circa 1950s. Our first image hails from 1956, and shows the back end of the Horse-Drawn Trolley. Detailed view shows a young girl wearing a Keppy Kap Hard Hat. Lucky!

This 1957 shot shows the announcement of Liberty Street.

Sadly, it was not to be. Sounds like a pie crust promise to me.

Same vantage point, March 1958, along with the same trickery.

Oh Liberty Street...if only.

Vesey Walker and the Disneyland Band would surely lift your spirits...if only we could hear them.

Finally, a different viewpoint. This one is from 1959:

One of each, please.

Last one today is a gloomy undated shot.

The Chemical Wagon was the most interesting thing to zoom in for. Ho hum.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

RIP Mrs. Brady

I was shocked...and then saddened about the passing of Florence Henderson last night. As a child of the 70s, she was a second mom to kids all across the world every Friday night on "The Brady Bunch." Hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of a beautiful (in an attainable way) young woman who gave the perfect mix of love and discipline to her six children while being a loving and supporting wife.

The show's continued popularity can largely be attributed to her. Thanks to her wit and spunk, she kept the proceedings from getting too sweet or maudlin. Fans loved her because she was very frank and not afraid to be a little raunchy (but still within the bounds of good taste!). LOVE this Today show interview!

Here's the home that was used for the exterior shots, which I visited last in 2004:

In other Brady Bunch related info, I met Christopher Knight at a party back in 2000 given at his home. Super nice guy; the only advice I was given by my friends was to not call him Peter!

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mrs. Wilkes' for Thanksgiving

As I am about to start cooking for the day, I thought I would share photos from one of my favorite Savannah restaurants, Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room. Only open on weekdays and almost always a line out the door, this place is worth the "hassle." Eating here is akin to a Thanksgiving feast.

Everyone sits around a table and passes the plethora of dishes around. Typically you'll make new friends as most likely complete strangers will be seated with you. Always fun to hear the stories of other travelers (and even a few locals!).

Here's what my plate looked like...and yes, the fried chicken is just about the best anywhere.

We had an amazing time; my friend Grant was too busy gnawing on his fried chicken to pose. THAT'S how good it is!

Dessert is typically two choices; I picked the cherry cobbler this time.

Grant was taking his digestive pills like they were going out of style. You don't come here to "eat light."

Bellies full...goal achieved.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you; I hope you are able to take the time to be thankful for all of the blessings you have received this year. Even in the worst of times, one can find something to be joyful about if you think hard enough.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Coit Tower

Even though I have been to San Francisco multiple times, I had never visited one of its most famous landmarks, Coit Tower. After reading about the fresco murals on the interior (part of the Public Works of Art Project), I decided it was time to take the long hike up Telegraph Hill to rectify the situation.

Built in 1933, the Tower is the worth the visit...but not for the faint of heart. Oh those steep steps.

I stopped along the way to marvel at the view...

and the vintage architectural details.

And then I finally made it. A statue of Christopher Columbus stands watch over the tower and the scene view below. Sculpted by Italy’s Vittorio de Colbertaldo, it was dedicated in 1957.

The tower itself.

Once inside I was awed by the murals.

I was in no hurry to take the elevator ride to the top.

Instead I enjoyed all of the amazing details in these 1930's gems. Mae West!

How about those prices?

Time to get in the elevator.

Even after we got off the elevator there were a few more steps in the spiral staircase to climb. I definitely got my cardio in!

And then I saw daylight through the top of the tower!

Was it worth the trip? Take a look at these views and you tell me!

You can see the back of the Ghirardelli building.

I could even see my hotel from here!

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