Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Coit Tower

Even though I have been to San Francisco multiple times, I had never visited one of its most famous landmarks, Coit Tower. After reading about the fresco murals on the interior (part of the Public Works of Art Project), I decided it was time to take the long hike up Telegraph Hill to rectify the situation.

Built in 1933, the Tower is the worth the visit...but not for the faint of heart. Oh those steep steps.

I stopped along the way to marvel at the view...

and the vintage architectural details.

And then I finally made it. A statue of Christopher Columbus stands watch over the tower and the scene view below. Sculpted by Italy’s Vittorio de Colbertaldo, it was dedicated in 1957.

The tower itself.

Once inside I was awed by the murals.

I was in no hurry to take the elevator ride to the top.

Instead I enjoyed all of the amazing details in these 1930's gems. Mae West!

How about those prices?

Time to get in the elevator.

Even after we got off the elevator there were a few more steps in the spiral staircase to climb. I definitely got my cardio in!

And then I saw daylight through the top of the tower!

Was it worth the trip? Take a look at these views and you tell me!

You can see the back of the Ghirardelli building.

I could even see my hotel from here!

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Anonymous said...

I did that walk a few years ago, headed up from the Financial District, but the elevator was down for repairs, so I didn't get the ride up.

It's a long walk, but worth it, even just to see the lobby and the parking lot view.

Thanks for the pictures, as always, so much better than mine.


Chuck said...

Definitely worth the walk, Dave.

beachgal said...

Back in the wild and wooly 60s, Coit was a fav place to head to (once we had sufficiently imbibed in the drugs de jour of course). The view was always a great trippy treat. And if there was $$ jingling around in our pockets, we would head just down from Coit on Filbert & Montgomery to The Shadows for eats - gosh I miss that place! The food and view were sublime! A gal pal of more than 50 years, lives out in the Sunset District - she and I were just speaking of the days we used to head up to enjoy the view and eat German food.