Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Coffee at the Saga

This vintage photo from September 2, 1960 shows a family sitting at the Saga Coffee Shop on Harbor Boulevard. Across the street you can see the iconic Disneyland entrance marquee.

A closeup of the Coffee Shop menus.

This previously posted 1971 shot shows the Saga Motor Hotel where the Coffee Shop was located.

This location is now the Grand Legacy at the Park Hotel and before that, The Ramada Maingate. That's a lot of names to remember - sheesh!

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K. Martinez said...

I remember staying at the Saga Inn back in the pre-DCA days. It was a close location to the Park which was my motivation for staying there. I remember that knight-on-horse marquee too. Thanks, Dave.

DrGoat said...

I believe we stayed there once or twice back then. It was usually the Peter Pan Motel or a pirate themed one down the street.

Unknown said...

It looks like that might have been a mid-Summer photo: the Park is open every day! I used to dream about getting into the Park when it was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and having the Park to myself.

Daveland said...

Patrick - You must not have read the post; the photo is dated 9/2.

Anonymous said...

This is fun. I do remember the place when I see the color pic at the end. The old Harbor strip was a forest of classic neon.

Thank you, Dave.


Unknown said...

Oops. How about I backpedal furiously and claim that it was Labor Day weekend and ... and...

Or I could start reading for comprehension a little more. Thanks, as always, Dave.