Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Market House Interior, 1962

Another one that pretty much caused me to crap my pants when I saw it. You just don't see vintage interior shots of Disneyland, due to the inability of most cameras of the day to get a decent photo without using a flash. Anyone remember those annoying flash bulbs? I digress. Love the interior signage, but especially digging this young man in the hat. He is too cool for school.

A few years back the charming turn of the century interior made way for Starbucks. Gotta' have a good cup of Joe when you're taking the family to the Park.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, what a great photo of that interior. Thank you, Dave!

I remember sitting in those chairs inside the rail around the pot-bellied stove. I could even have been the kid in the hat (but not). I remember my parents talking about how familiar it all seemed to them, except for the rail.

It was sad to lose this to Starbucks, even though I am a Starbucks fan and they have definitely improved the coffee available in the Park. I wish there had been another way.


Chuck said...

One of my favorite corners of the Park (in a Park filled with favorite corners). Played checkers with my sons and had fun with the telephones there. It's unfortunate that another location couldn't have been found for the Starbuck's; the set dressings really added a feeling of turn-of-the-century, small-town authenticity.

Anonymous said...

I have memories of that stove being in use on one cold evening. It was a great place to lounge. The character and ambiance were fitting for a Main Street USA...not a Starbucks. The close up verifies another long held memory...some of the best dill pickles I've ever tried came from there. You could pull them right out of brine barrel back then. A great find! KS

Major Pepperidge said...

In the closeup of the kid with the hat, you can see a stack of boxes of "toilet soap" - I have four boxes of that soap! Very neat to see it for sale in the shop.