Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Front and Back Side of Chicken

Before there was the Blue Bayou, Disneyland had an outdoor Plantation-style restaurant over in Frontierland on the banks of the Rivers of America. The design of the interior "faux" plantation house inside the Blue Bayou is very similar.

This back view of the restaurant shows that it had a completely different motif, rooted more in the adobe-style. Who knew that Disneyland had a restaurant with a split personality?

More Chicken Plantation at my main website.

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Unknown said...

Really nice shots there, Dave.

Major Pepperidge said...

Both of those are beauties

Matthew said...

Great shots Dave! This is the 2nd "split personality" restaurant at Disneyland (don't forget the Tahitian Terrace and the shared roof line with the Plaza Pavilion (now Jolly Holiday)). Say, what caught my attention on the backside is what appears to be well to the far right. Also, the double hanging sign on the backside looks interesting too. Have you ever zoomed in on that one before?

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Matthew said...

No need to zoom in... I just followed the simple instructions on the bottom of the page, "More Chicken Plantation at my main website."

Look-ie there. I clicked on the link and took me right to a page where I got all my finger licking goodness of the ol' Chicken Plantation (photos of the sign and the well included). Thanks Dave!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle