Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Entrance to Disneyland

Hope you can stand a few more vintage Disneyland entrance shots! First one is from March 1958. What else can be said about those crazy 1950's ticket prices?

This closeup from the same shot appears to be a Guidebook Salesman, or maybe just a kid dressed up fancy in a vest:

This Spring 1957 shot shows the exit, with the Disneyland Railroad's E.P. Ripley looming overheard. I sure do miss riding the trains.

This last shot is one I captured last May; so much more high tech and slick looking compared to its 1950's predecessors.

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DrGoat said...

Just give me the Jumbo ticket book and turn me loose.

Matthew said...

Agree with @DrGoat!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Fifthrider said...

1958 - Adult admission = $.90
2016 - Adult admission = $90

I love the painted lines on the ground to tell you where the line goes. Simple things like that should make a comeback.

Terrance T said...

Give me those 50's admission prices with the ticket books anytime!