Friday, November 25, 2016

RIP Mrs. Brady

I was shocked...and then saddened about the passing of Florence Henderson last night. As a child of the 70s, she was a second mom to kids all across the world every Friday night on "The Brady Bunch." Hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of a beautiful (in an attainable way) young woman who gave the perfect mix of love and discipline to her six children while being a loving and supporting wife.

The show's continued popularity can largely be attributed to her. Thanks to her wit and spunk, she kept the proceedings from getting too sweet or maudlin. Fans loved her because she was very frank and not afraid to be a little raunchy (but still within the bounds of good taste!). LOVE this Today show interview!

Here's the home that was used for the exterior shots, which I visited last in 2004:

In other Brady Bunch related info, I met Christopher Knight at a party back in 2000 given at his home. Super nice guy; the only advice I was given by my friends was to not call him Peter!

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