Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TPE: The Red Wagon

Welcome to the Red Wagon Inn! This opening day restaurant was sponsored by The Swifts Premium Meat Company in Kansas City. The Red Wagon Inn also originally included an area with a VIP lounge, a wet bar, and bathroom for Walt’s special guests. This area became a hospitality center for Goodyear when they were a sponsor, then converted to offices, and finally destroyed in the 1999 rehab. This first photo is from August 27, 1955.

This poor guest seems to have a hard time deciding what to eat...or else he's shading his head from the hot summer sun.

The restaurant is decorated for the Christmas season in this December 26, 1955 photo:

Talk about class...these cast members are ready to open the door for you!

A long shot from March 8, 1956"

Zooming in, we can see that the Dining Room is open from 11am—8pm.

Here's an ad for the restaurant from a 1959 issue of Vacationland magazine:

An interior shot...I believe it was still The Red Wagon Inn at the point that this color image was taken:

The Dapper Dans are serenading The Rose Bowl Queen Carole Washburn, at this Dec. 19, 1960 banquet:

Too bad Walt shelled out the money for a new sign; the Red Wagon Inn had only 2 years left to go when this September 1963 photo was taken:

Getting closer, we can see a sign that states "Dinner Being Served - Special menu for children." I wonder if Chicken Nuggets had been discovered at this point in time? Just another reason to use my time machine!

Oh the irony of one of the Three Little Pigs standing outside a restaurant sponsored by Swift's Premium Meats. That's a lot of bacon!

One of the original placemats/menus for your perusal:

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Here's a shot of Miss Piggy & Kermit at the Oscar's; I loved their bits during the ceremony.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TPE: Strollers, Edison Square, and Cutout Fun

Oh what a day...I knew there was a reason to love my time machine. Only 6 designated spots for strollers. THIS is the time to visit Disneyland!

In this 1980's sign, they forgot the part about "for the comfort of other guests."

As the fire engine zips down Main Street, it is possible to see a glimpse of a red striped tent on East Plaza Street.

When the park opened, this area was the original Art Corner.

Naturally, on my dream day at Disneyland, I'd snatch up a bunch of these cels to take home with me to the present and be RICH I tell you...RICH!

Later when the Art Corner moved, this area became the display for Edison Square, the never constructed section of Disneyland that was to be located behind Main Street.

Here's the map you could have seen. So many interesting things that didn't get built or were changed along the way:

Let's all thank the photographer who snapped these photos, shall we? See his reflection on the left?

I'll close out the post with a plethora of cutout fun. Pick your fave to pose with!

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Meanwhile, on the red carpet at the Oscars...Miss Piggy is wearing a dress by Zac Posen, jewelry from Fred Leighton, shoes by Christian Louboutin, handbag from and hair styled by Kim Kimble. Kermit is wearing a tux from Brooks Brothers

For more on Miss Piggy's jewels:

1940s amethyst and diamond ring in gold (70.0 carats) --lavender is her signature color after all
1950s diamond and platinum swirl necklace (55 carats) with matching swirl bracelet (40 carats)

Celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble (Beyonce, Shakira, Kerry Washington) put the finishing touches on Miss Piggy by adding a diamond and platinum headband (approx. 10 carats) and 1040s clip in the back.

Monday, February 27, 2012

TPE: The Plaza Pavilion/Pavillion

I'm getting tired of typing "2000th Post Extravaganza," so now on, it will just be TPE. I'm sure you can sympathize with my tired fingers.

The Plaza Pavilion (or Pavillion, depending on which Disneyland publication you are reading), has been many things over the years, including a restaurant, annual passholder location, and most recently, back to a restaurant again (The Jolly Holiday). Naturally, on my vintage trip I'd want to see it in its original restaurant incarnation. Oh, if only the photographer had gone a bit further...

A few vintage shots of the exterior:

You just can't get better than a meal and the Dapper Dans. It's too bad the Keystone Kops aren't on Main Street anymore, but at least we still have the Dapper Dans. Here they are in a November 29, 1963 photo outside the Plaza Pavillion: Gene Morford, Perry Carter, Jim Schamp, and Ron Browne.

In this May 1958 shot, you'll see that Pavillion is spelled with 2 "l's":

And here's the same sign again, facing the Plaza Inn on the other side of the hub, March 12, 1964:

Yet in this June 1964 photo, the sign behind this woman is clearly marked with only 1 "l." This type of goof rarely occurs, but I would love to know why. Kind of like I'd love to know why Carrousel has 2 "r's" at Disneyland. Anyone...anyone...

Let's take a gander at that menu so I can see what we're going to eat. Yup. I'll take the Crisp Apple Turnover...and the warm Apple Pie with cheese. Might as well at these prices!

Most of all, I'd want to travel back in time so that I could get a good shot of the Stouffer's mural inside for Kevin Kidney. If you haven't read his fantastic post about it, you should:

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

2000th Post Extravaganza: Candy, Coke, and Cole's

To the right of this lovely young lady and the most scary Minnie Mouse ever seen, you can get a gander at the Candy Palace & Coca Cola Refreshment Corner. I am pleased to say that these two shops/restaurants are still to be found at Disneyland today.

Here's a color view of the same area from 1957. Although I rarely do any shopping at Disneyland until the end of the day, it would not be rare for me to duck into the Candy Palace for a sweet treat in the be eaten on the spot, of course. What's your favorite Candy Palace confection?

Vesey and the band march in front of the Candy Palace, circa 1958:

I've just got to get a closer look at that window.

Outside the Coke Corner in 1956, the Keystone Kops are serenading guests:

At nighttime, the Coke Corner sure looks beautiful in this August 1958 photo:

Zooming in, you get the Disneyland version of Hopper's Nighthawks:

At one time, the Streetcar wasn't alone when it came to Horse-Drawn vehicles on Main Street, as you can see in this 1958 photo of the Surrey:

Sharp-eyed viewers will see the Disneyland News at the bottom of this early shot. If you're wondering what Cole of California is on the right-hand side, hang on a minute!

A 1972 interior shot of the Coke Corner:

When the park first opened, guests could buy swimwear at the Cole of California shot, adjacent to the Coke Corner:

Perfect for the pool at the Disneyland Hotel!

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