Monday, February 06, 2012

Healthy Curiosity at the Upjohn Pharmacy, Feb. 1960

In an apparent series of 5, Disneyland did some press releases for the Upjohn Pharmacy shop/museum on Main Street. Recently, I acquired #5; I have previously published 3 of the others...still trying to hunt down the missing one! From the publicity release:

Pretending to be a druggist, Lory Knuchell tries out a giant mortar and pestle used to grind and mix medical compounds. Visitors are permitted to handle and operate museum exhibits when the shop is not crowded. Some of the mortars and pestles in the store's collection date as far back as 1575 and represent many different parts of the world. 2/20/60

Here are the other shots in the series that I currently own:

Today, this location is The Fortuosity Shop, where guests can have custom made watches created by Disney artists.

See more vintage Upjohn Pharmacy photos on my Upjohn Pharmacy web page.


Connie Moreno said...

Oh man, how I wish I could go back in time!

Major Pepperidge said...

I just want a jar of leeches. Is that too much to ask? I will feed them french fries.