Monday, February 27, 2012

TPE: The Plaza Pavilion/Pavillion

I'm getting tired of typing "2000th Post Extravaganza," so now on, it will just be TPE. I'm sure you can sympathize with my tired fingers.

The Plaza Pavilion (or Pavillion, depending on which Disneyland publication you are reading), has been many things over the years, including a restaurant, annual passholder location, and most recently, back to a restaurant again (The Jolly Holiday). Naturally, on my vintage trip I'd want to see it in its original restaurant incarnation. Oh, if only the photographer had gone a bit further...

A few vintage shots of the exterior:

You just can't get better than a meal and the Dapper Dans. It's too bad the Keystone Kops aren't on Main Street anymore, but at least we still have the Dapper Dans. Here they are in a November 29, 1963 photo outside the Plaza Pavillion: Gene Morford, Perry Carter, Jim Schamp, and Ron Browne.

In this May 1958 shot, you'll see that Pavillion is spelled with 2 "l's":

And here's the same sign again, facing the Plaza Inn on the other side of the hub, March 12, 1964:

Yet in this June 1964 photo, the sign behind this woman is clearly marked with only 1 "l." This type of goof rarely occurs, but I would love to know why. Kind of like I'd love to know why Carrousel has 2 "r's" at Disneyland. Anyone...anyone...

Let's take a gander at that menu so I can see what we're going to eat. Yup. I'll take the Crisp Apple Turnover...and the warm Apple Pie with cheese. Might as well at these prices!

Most of all, I'd want to travel back in time so that I could get a good shot of the Stouffer's mural inside for Kevin Kidney. If you haven't read his fantastic post about it, you should:

See more vintage & current Disneyland Plaza Pavilion/Pavillion photos on my Jolly Holiday web page.


Major Pepperidge said...

I really DO wonder about the double L spelling of "Pavillion" (AND the double R of "Carrousel")! Is that how the words were spelled 100 years ago, or perhaps it is the British spelling (like "colour")?

outsidetheberm said...

Well, my two cents, as told to me once by Bud Hurlbut - His thought was that the two RR's in Carrousel came from an older incarnation of the ride called the 'carry-us-all'. There's two RR's in carry, of course. *shrug*

Guess it makes as much sense as anything for now, huh?