Saturday, February 25, 2012

Screen Gem Saturdays: Miss Lena Horne

Here are a selection of three sequential images from a negative strip showcasing the incomparable Lena Horne. She was performing on The Kraft Music Hall on NBC, air date of February 3, 1964, which also guest starred Dean Martin.

Sadly, due to her ethnicity and the bigotry of the time, Horne was one of the most wasted talents. Still, we are fortunate to have the legacy of her recordings and those splashy Technicolor MGM musical numbers that she always blew out of the water.

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Douglas McEwan said...

I had the joyous privilege of seeing Miss Lena Horne perform live in person once, when I was in the audience of a variety TV show taping on which she was the guest star back in 1968. She was magnificent!

Major Pepperidge said...

Clicking on the photos takes me to your website; for some reason all of the picture links end in ".jpg%22". Or is that just me? When I cut that part off, the photo loads just fine.

Daveland said...

Thanks for letting me know Major - one quotation mark was missing from the codes. All better now.