Friday, February 10, 2012

2000th Post Extravaganza: Disneyland Train Station

We've paid our admission, and now we are officially in the Park. With my time machine, I would want to see the look on my face during my very first visit back in 1970. I would probably also tell myself to pick up some cool souvenirs and keep them well preserved for the next 40 years!

How many people have posed in front of this Mickey Floral? I am sure the numbers would be staggering. These next two shots are from 1955.

Here come the Retlaw (Walter spelled backwards) 1 Disneyland Railroad passenger cars, including the Grand Canyon car (last one on the right), which has been repurposed as the VIP Lilly Belle Passenger Car.

We have obviously moved forward in time for this shot, as the Kalamazoo handcar has now been added to the scene.

It always feels so good to enter the Park and have a train ready to take you on a Grand Circle Tour.

Compare and contrast this year one shot with the empty panorama of a fence in the background...

with this later shot showcasing all of the various attractions at Disneyland. There's probably over $10,000 worth of vintage silkscreened posters out on display.

Moving closer to the Town Square entrance, there's nothing on the left in this 1955 shot (except some renegade guy standing up on the wall)...

but not much later, you can see that the Disneyland News Stand has been added. Get your souvenirs & guidebooks, folks!

So much to see at Disneyland in 1959, as these banners can attest to. Walt sure knew how to drum up the excitement for guests just entering the Park.

For me, one of the greatest excitements is standing up on the Main Street Train Station platform and watching one of the trains pull into the Station.

The engineers are always great with the guests; you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer bunch of cast members.

Both of these 1955 photos show guests dressed to the nines, patiently waiting for their turn to board the train.

You can feel the summer heat as this little girl attempts to open the window of the passenger car.

A color interior view; not much different from a vintage school bus!

What? Two trains? Yep...back in the day, for a portion of the Grand Circle Tour, Disneyland had two trains that could run parallel to each other. You can still see a remnant of the track at the Main Street Train Station today.

As a teaser for Friday's post, here's a view of the wonders that await you on the other side of the tunnel into Town Square.

See more vintage & current Disneyland on my Disneyland website.


Thufer said...

Sorry for being late to the 2000th party as I was on vacation to see grandchildren. Congrats and here is to two thousand more!

That line of posters is just about all my heart can take this morning. Those few B&W photos near the end are simply a genuine capture the moment/you are there set. Those are real treasures.
And of course, thank you for the glimpse out over the 100 acres of magic at the Denny's. Man o man, I have been in that place more than once over the years.
Well, again congrats and thank you for all the wonderful memories you share with us here on the web.

jedblau said...

A belated CONGRATS on 2000 posts. Keep 'em coming!

Connie Moreno said...

I swear it feels like on on that trip!!

Major Pepperidge said...

Man, that's a lot of amazing Disneyland RR photos! Love the interiors, and for some reason I really love the b&w picture with the group of girls waiting for the train.

I'd say that's more like $20,000 worth of posters, considering recent prices!

Melissa said...

Lookee the gams on Minnie! I am deeply confused on so many levels!