Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Temple Tuesday: Uncle Billy’s Party

In a continuation AND twist on yesterday’s Movie-Studio post, today we enter the inner sanctum of 20th Century Fox, with a vintage May 1936 of Bill Robinson’s 58th birthday party. The location is a small room off of the Fox Commissary. Today it is known as the “Shirley Temple Private Dining Room.” On Bill’s left is his second wife, Fannie. Shirley’s mother, Gertrude, is seated next to her. On Bill’s right is Shirley herself. George Temple, Shirley’s father, is barely visible two seats down. At first I thought the gentleman leaning back was Jean Hersholt, but let’s just say I wouldn't bet the house on it. Especially since Melissa, aka “The Colonel,” voted "nay." Only one other person I can positively identify, and that’s the gentleman with a mustache on the left side of the photo, second in: Anthony Ugrin, Fox still photographer. Anyone able to identify the others?

I was able to see this room myself last April and it looks very much the same:

The dress Shirley wore to Uncle Billy’s party is known as the Emblem Dress and was worn in “Poor Little Rich Girl”:

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Movie Studio Monday

Today’s post takes you on a tour of some of the biggest movie studios in Hollywood. These first two vintage shots from the 1950’s show Paramount Studios, beginning with a view of the Bronson Gate.

Here’s one I shot back in 2006 showing the Melrose Gate at Paramount. BTW: it's located on Melrose.

This Universal image from July 1974 just SCREAMS 70’s. The entrance signage could only exist in that decade. I think I smell polyester, too.

A September 1965 shot of the Universal City Studio Tours Tram. Universal is not only a studio; it’s a city, too! I wonder if Harry Potter is the mayor?

This shot was taken during the 1965 tour. A great overview of the backlot.

Here’s one I snapped in 2004, showing the Bates home. I believe Mother is in the window.

Welcome to Warner Brothers! Here’s the Gate 2 entrance:

Two images I took back in 2004 showing the backlot:

Let’s hop on over to Burbank to see the Disney Studio, featured in this June 1941 image with Walt surveying his property. I wonder if he’d still want his name associated with the current company?

The iconic street sign at the studio, with actor Farley Granger surrounded by two lovely ladies. Farley better watch that cig so that he doesn’t burn the lady on his right!

A 1958 shot of the Disney backlot which no longer exists:

How the animation building looked when I visited it a number of years ago. Almost like time stood still here.

Leo the Lion from MGM no longer roars here in Culver City. Sony & Columbia kicked him out years ago. However, many of the iconic buildings still exist from yesteryear, including the original front gate:

The Thalberg Building:

Stage 15, the largest on the lot and the fourth largest in the world:

...and the interior of Stage 15, which is where portions of “The Wizard of Oz” were filmed:

And finally, one 1954 image of RKO Studios:

You'll have to wait until Temple Tuesday for Fox Studios!

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Friday, December 07, 2018

Forever Friday

My adventures with Jersey Girl Melissa, aka “The Colonel,” weren't just limited to Shirley. We also paid a visit to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to see the relatively recent “reburial” site of Judy Garland. But first, let's pay our respects to Mickey Rooney, Judy’s on-screen partner.

Right near by was the final replacing of Toto. Or was it? Here's the inscription:

This monument is dedicated to the memory of the beloved Toto from the 1939 film, “The Wizard of Oz.” Owner and Trainer Carl Spitz buried the Cairn Terrier on his ranch in Studio City. The 1958 construction of the Ventura Freeway destroyed her resting place.

Damn freeways! They ruin everything.

Here lies Irene Guadagno, aka “Mama Irene”: Not only was she perfect, she was Italian.

The crypt of Silent Screen idol Rudolph Valentino in the Cathedral Mausoleum:

One of the many beautiful stained glass windows that brightens up this otherwise dreary building.

And then we arrived at our main destination…

The Judy Garland Pavilion:

Judy’s family had her moved from New York to Hollywood so that the entire family could "rest" together.

Apparently Judy’s financial woes continue to plague her in the after-life; her fans just want to help.

For somewhere around $25k, you can buy a shelf with a view of Judy.

I wonder if Judy's kids get any of that money?

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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Dinner at Dan’s

When Jersey Girl Melissa (aka “The Colonel”) comes to California, it’s a no-brainer that she needs to experience old-school Italian at Dan Tana’s restaurant on the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. The minute you walk in, you expect to see Frank and Dino sitting at the bar. If you don’t know who Frank and Dino are, then you’re at the wrong blog.

We arrived quite a bit early and the place was packed; our table was not ready yet. Time to make lemonade, so Melissa and I trekked down the street to see which watering hole we were going to pony up to. The Abbey? Nope.

How about Pump? Made famous by “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” this place is probably better known for its drama than its food and beverage.

Melissa and I cozied up to the bar and received our cocktails quickly. Our night had officially begun!

Were we in Rome?

Back to Dan Tana’s...

We enjoyed the food and atmosphere too much to take a ton o' pics. However, I did manage to snap dessert: Spumoni ice cream. You can’t get this stuff in many places, and Dan’s is particularly tasty.

Avoiding the paparazzi (aka me), Melissa covers up with her cheesecake dessert.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Astro Jets and Rocket Jets

The first image for today is from February 1958 and shows the Astro Jet attraction in Tomorrowland. Zooming in we can also see the Flight Circle attraction and some of the model planes waiting to be flown around the arena.

The area where the construction is going on would be the future home of the Flying Saucer attraction, which would open in 1961. Not sure what the digging would have been for at this point.

Moving ahead about 12 years, the Astro Jet attraction became the Rocket Jets, and were moved high atop the PeopleMover queue:

Today, this little hub of "activity" is about as dead as could be.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Temple Tuesday: Shirley on Location, Pt. 4

In the 1934 movie “Bright Eyes,” this American Airlines plane taxis up and down the runway. You know, just like regular planes today that make you sit on the tarmac for an hour or so. Who is the person in the cockpit of the plane? It’s Temple Tuesday...who do you think?

Excited about her Christmas Party, Shirley sings her signature song “On The Good Ship Lollipop.” Looks like she had too much sugar in this one.

As viewers of the movie know (and those who read this blog a few weeks ago), Shirley’s mom goes off to that big Christmas Party in the sky. Here, James Dunn’s character gets the sad news delivered by his ex, played by Judith Allen.

These scenes were shot at the Grand Central Air Terminal in Glendale, California.

I am happy to report that the building still exists and has been restored beautifully by the Disney Corporation. It was originally built in 1928 and used as an airport until 1959. It has been owned since 1997 by Disney as a part of its Grand Central Creative Campus. Three hangars also remain standing. The location of the single concrete 3,800-foot runway has been preserved, but is now a public street.

Yes - the tower still exists!

A detailed shot of the Art Deco carvings:

A side view of the building:

To end today’s post, here’s a vintage publicity still from “Bright Eyes” with accompanying blurb:

PLENTY OF INTERFERENCE - - Football players of All-American caliber were brought together by the filming of “Bright Eyes,” newest Shirley Temple picture. Left to right, Aaron Rosenberg, former Southern California guard; Paul Schwegler, former University of Washington tackle; Fred Crawford, former Duke University tackle; Director David Butler, holding Shirley Temple, and James Dunn, ready to charge through with the pigskin.

Gotta’ zoom in for a closeup of Shirley!

After our successful Shirley Temple film location tour, Melissa (aka “The Colonel”) and I celebrated with lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel:

We stayed retro by eating at the Fountain Coffee Room. This place is a step out of time. In a good way!

For now, that concludes this little Temple Tuesday series. Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned...there could be more locations uncovered in the future!

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