Thursday, December 13, 2018

Vintage San Antonio

I recently acquired a few 1950s slides featuring San Antonio, Texas. This first one shows the Alamo Cenotaph Monument. Naturally, a detailed view is in order:

A contemporary shot from my one visit there in 2016. I'm not really a fan of the state of Texas, but I sure did have a good time here and wouldn't mind venturing back one day.

The legendary Alamo Mission, which apparently DOES have a basement.

Either way, your bike ain’t there, Mister!

Still looks about the same. If only I aged as well as this 18th century building has!

A vintage shot of the wall in front of the Alamo mission with the Emily Morgan hotel in the background:

Ol’ Emily is still alive and kickin’!

Last vintage shot for today is the San Jose Mission, which I made sure to see as it was one of the key locations used in the movie “Still Breathing.”

A shot of actress Joanna Going at the San Jose Mission for “Still Breathing,” 1997. Yes, it’s a somewhat sappy movie, but I don’t care. Still love it.

How the wall looked in 2016:

Hope you enjoyed a little Daveland before and after!

See more San Antonio photos at my main website.

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MRaymond said...

I've lived in San Antonio for 28 years now. Very far from my childhood in Whittier, CA. So I see two of my homes on your website, Disneyland and San Antonio. These are some beautiful photos, Thank You.