Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Astro Jets and Rocket Jets

The first image for today is from February 1958 and shows the Astro Jet attraction in Tomorrowland. Zooming in we can also see the Flight Circle attraction and some of the model planes waiting to be flown around the arena.

The area where the construction is going on would be the future home of the Flying Saucer attraction, which would open in 1961. Not sure what the digging would have been for at this point.

Moving ahead about 12 years, the Astro Jet attraction became the Rocket Jets, and were moved high atop the PeopleMover queue:

Today, this little hub of "activity" is about as dead as could be.

See more Disneyland Astro Jet photos at my main website.


Fifthrider said...

Nothing will be as cool as the Rocket Jets. The previous and following incarnations of that attraction really lost something without being up so high and isolated as Rocket Jets were.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the first pics automatically got me to thinking CoxPilot would chime in here. I miss his input to this day (sigh)...KS