Sunday, February 26, 2012

2000th Post Extravaganza: Candy, Coke, and Cole's

To the right of this lovely young lady and the most scary Minnie Mouse ever seen, you can get a gander at the Candy Palace & Coca Cola Refreshment Corner. I am pleased to say that these two shops/restaurants are still to be found at Disneyland today.

Here's a color view of the same area from 1957. Although I rarely do any shopping at Disneyland until the end of the day, it would not be rare for me to duck into the Candy Palace for a sweet treat in the be eaten on the spot, of course. What's your favorite Candy Palace confection?

Vesey and the band march in front of the Candy Palace, circa 1958:

I've just got to get a closer look at that window.

Outside the Coke Corner in 1956, the Keystone Kops are serenading guests:

At nighttime, the Coke Corner sure looks beautiful in this August 1958 photo:

Zooming in, you get the Disneyland version of Hopper's Nighthawks:

At one time, the Streetcar wasn't alone when it came to Horse-Drawn vehicles on Main Street, as you can see in this 1958 photo of the Surrey:

Sharp-eyed viewers will see the Disneyland News at the bottom of this early shot. If you're wondering what Cole of California is on the right-hand side, hang on a minute!

A 1972 interior shot of the Coke Corner:

When the park first opened, guests could buy swimwear at the Cole of California shot, adjacent to the Coke Corner:

Perfect for the pool at the Disneyland Hotel!

See more vintage & current Disneyland West Main Street U.S.A. photos on my West Main Street web page.


Major Pepperidge said...

More wonderful stuff, as always. I love the bright yellow Puffin Bake Shop in photo #2.

TokyoMagic! said...

What a great interior shot of Coke Corner! It shows how part of the Penny Arcade used to run behind the Candy Palace before they bumped it all the way out to the back wall of the building. A portion of the Penny Arcade used to also run behind the ice cream/Sunkist shop before they bumped the back wall out on that space too. I remember those attraction posters on the walls high above the arcade games (the Columbia poster is visible in your shot). Funny that even today, the old entrance to the former Cole's shop still has a sign above it spelling out "Penny Arcade" in light bulbs. (Unless they are removing that in the current remodeling that's taking place....I hope not!)

Anonymous said...

That '72 interior shot of Coke Corner includes Rod Miller at the piano. A Disney institution!