Friday, January 03, 2020

Welcome to Disneyland, 1959!

Two more negatives from my black and white 1959 (I believe) set today, beginning with the entrance to the Park. Gotta' zoom into the ticket booth to see that FABULOUS prices! People of today, try not to faint...yes, $1.25 for general admission.

Looks like 15,000,000 for the Main Street Train Station population figure; I wonder if they ever update the elevation? Does global warming change that, too?

Moving over to Town Square, a great shot of City Hall...

…and those historic doors that I posted about recently. Guests just seem to be content hanging out here. A sailor doing some people watching, another guy taking a little smoke break (in Town Square?!?), and a few women taking a load off their feet.

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Matthew said...

Gotta love those FABULOUS prices indeed! OK... for those who fainted (or for those who are just slightly curious) a little research shows us this information.

According to

$4.00 in 1959 is equivalent to $34.77 in 2019 (2020 figures aren't ready yet). Today a one day, one park, ticket can range from $104 - $149 according to

According to

The cost of the park in 1986 (when I started) was $16.50. Adjusted for inflation the $4.00 cost in 1986 was $15.13. So when you figure you got unlimited Attractions and Shows (not just 15 tickets), the $16.50 price seems to be on par with inflation and a SUPPER FABULOUS deal without price gouging.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

PS I do believe in free markets and the Walt Disney Company should be making a profit; however, is that the only reason Walt built the park? And don't get me started on the fact for $16.50 you could sit on a cushioned seat on the Jungle Cruise.

Daveland said...

Thanks for doing the math, Matthew - and the excellent commentary!

Anonymous said...

I went there on my honeymoon in 1982. It was like $15 to get in. How times have changed.

Anonymous said...