Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Temple Tuesday: Sara's Birthday

Today’s TT photo shows the birthday party sequence from Shirley’s Technicolor classic, “The Little Princess.” How do you make bad news even worse? Have it follow a super joyous occasion! Sara Crewe (played by Shirley) barely gets to blow out the candles when she is told that her father has died in the war. It’s a Shirley movie, so of course there’s a happy ending!

I love how even for this publicity shot, all the actors are in full character. Mary Nash as the evil Miss Minchin glares at Shirley. Marcia Mae Jones who plays Shirley’s arch rival in the film is appropriately haughty. Shirley is happy as could be, as she rips into a birthday present.

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Unknown said...

Shirley Temple is and will always be my very favorite. At 41 years old, I've been collecting her memorabilia since I was 12. That's when I found out there was a world of Shirley out there for me to discover. At the time I had to use the good old phone book and call antique stores, go to doll shows and carefully search high and low through every antique show I could get my Mom to take me too. My parents were so supportive of my collecting. Thank you for all the posts. I absolutely LOVE IT💜💙