Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Fantasyland Depot

Sure it looks flat and cheaply made, but that's part of the charm of the original Fantasyland Depot. This rare image is the best one in my collection and I can't believe I was able to acquire it! Based on other slides in the set, it's most likely from 1956. I'd say a zoom in is definitely called for here!

The colors and detail are so vibrant I almost feel like I could jump into this photo and board the train!

Here's a previously posted shot of the ticket booth:

And what was once my best shot of the Depot. Oh how I love an upgrade!

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Fifthrider said...

Very cool, congrats. The mix of fencing styles is a bit confusing in the first shot, but by the 4th shot ( link to larger image = broken ) it would appear the white chain link was only temporary until landscapers finished installing a garden. It all pre-dates me so if not for these I would never have known what it looked like. The most I knew was an illustration of it on an old map.

Patrick Devlin said...

And a lovely upgrade it is.

I have some vague memory of the Fantasyland Station (or as I see now: Fantasyland DEPOT) but time has blurred whether it's from the Park or is it from endless staring at the Fun Map imagery, dreaming of our nest trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

Quite a find indeed Dave. Looks like it was taken yesterday with a decent digital camera. Wish I could step into the frame. KS

nick said...

lovely, Dave ... and I wish I was young enough to ride the midget autopia just one more time.