Friday, March 02, 2018

Back to the Riviera

After an eight-year hiatus, I returned to the Riviera Resort and Spa in Palm Springs. I really liked the vibe of the hotel, but was not impressed by the service. Eight years later, they still have room for improvement. What a splashy entrance though!

The lobby that was once hot and kitschy: now less cluttered and green:

I'm okay with that change; especially since green is more soothing and happens to be my favorite color. The pool table that was once presided over by Frank and Marilyn...

Is now surrounded by books and knick knacks:

It seems like they are trying to downplay the Vegas look. The room decor hasn't changed much; still clean, hip, and minimal.

How about that sunset view?

Of course every Palm Springs hotel has to have a pool; The Riviera has two. Here's the large one:

The Spa:

and Fitness Center:

The Mid-Century Modern Pool Bar/Snack Hut:

And I'll end the post with one of my standard hallway shots:

Would I go back? Probably not any time soon. The Colony Palms still ranks supreme with me. The Riviera is a huge property, and I would imagine much more difficult to run, especially considering the pool of seasonal help that must be picked over by all the competition. Regardless I had a wonderful weekend.

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Fifthrider said...

A shame, I like the look of the previous lobby more. The tall seats and lighting looks almost volcanic. Too bad that kind of look is better for a polynesian retreat, not a boiling hot desert where blues and greens would be more soothing. I can see why the change was made.

Anonymous said...

Livin' the good life, Dave! KS

Darryl said...

Very cool hallway it. For some reason your post reminded me of an old Noel Coward clip from the Desert Inn...I'm sure you'll see a few people you recognize.

Janey said...

Ironically I just stayed there two nights ago. My husband has a conference in Palm Springs each year, and in past years we chose our own hotel, and they reimbursed us for part of it. However, they changed, and now if you want to stay at your choice of hotel, you pay the whole freight, but if you want to stay where the company puts you up, then it's free. The Riviera is one of the ones they use, and I personally can't stand it! It is pattern overload, and there are plenty of cracks in their flashy facade, including peeling wallpaper and faux leather finish on headboards. I'm always disappointed when we end up staying there. But I still see the improvements from the last time you were there!


Daveland said...

Janey - I had heard that the Riviera was about to change hands again. Personally, it's too big of a property for me to fall in love with it. I am sure with the amount of business they are able to get (Palm Springs being seasonal) they do the best that they can, but overall the level of service just does not stack up. And as you pointed out, the design needs to be reigned in a bit. There are elements from the previous remodel still there which do clash with the current.

Darryl - Very cool clip! And yes - I recognize almost all. Wish it had sound...if only I could read lips!