Thursday, March 08, 2018

Back to Knott's, Pt. 2

This post focuses on the main (actually, probably the only) reason I visit Knott's Berry Farm: GHOST TOWN! I love the old west town that Walter Knott "collected" and assembled to form a cohesive village of yesteryear. The first shot is a panorama of the Wagon Camp. This shows my main beef with Knott's Berry Farm: the sightlines. You see the old AND the new together, and it really breaks the fantasy effect of feeling like you are back in the Old West.

Gold Trails Hotel:

Those familiar figures outside the hotel that have sat and posed with thousands of guests over the years.

I was SOOOOO disappointed to be told that the peek-ins no longer existed in the Park. Here's Hop Wing Lee's Laundry:

This figure that used to be visible through the window is no longer on display, and neither are the other ones that formerly entertained guests at Knott's. I was told they were damaged during Knott's Scary Farm by the guests.

Apparently this one was spared the chopping block:

A detailed view of the signage:

No peek-in here; it's a real-live horse!

The Blacksmith is real, too, and very friendly with guests:

This gal was making ornaments:

The Post Office is not in use, but it was fun to peek around:

A view of Goldie's:

The Jail is this way:

This was the first time I'd actually seen this guy in action, taking requests for Sad Eye Joe:

The School House was in session:

I could see myself wearing this at times.

I wonder if this ever gets played?

The Calico Saloon:

Boot Hill Cemetery is another example of bad sightlines:

I wonder how much this guy makes a year?

Still more to come! See more Knott's Berry Farm photos at my main website..

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Matthew said...

NO peek-ins! What... that cannot be!!! I hope the figures get repaired and come back soon. Their simple movements and recorded voices used to keep me mesmerized as a child... heck they did a pretty good job as an adult too.

Of course I cannot read a Knott's post without calling out our friend's Chris Merritt's fantastic book, "Knott's Preserved: From Boysenberry to Theme Park, the History of Knott's Berry Farm." It would also be a shame if I don't also call out my former foremen, friends, and some of the first guys to teach me leadership skills, Raffi Kaprelyan, and his brother Ashish (who trained me on the Mine Train) Mike Manassee, Ron Miyoshi, and so many others. And of course Knott's new President and my former Disneyland Supervisor, Jon Storbeck.

Finally, let me also put in a shout out to my friend Noel Cox is absolutely amazing and can now be found gun slinging in Calico and drawing Peanuts characters. With a side arm or a pencil... this man's quick wit is a joy to behold.

Well that's my academy award speech and I'm sticking with it!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

PS - Beautiful photos there too Dave!

Irene said...

Noel also plays the Deputy Major in the Summer during Ghost Town Alive! That is when those places come alive with real people such as in the laundry, the post office, etc. Ghost Town Alive! is so much fun. Staring March 16 and running about 4 weeks (or maybe it's 5) is Boysenberry Festival. Another favorite time of year for me at Knotts :) I love the book "Knotts Preserved" :)

Janey said...

I heard that they originally removed the peek-ins back in summer of 2016 in preparation for Ghost Town Alive (best described as a family friendly version of Westworld), which for the first time ever, allowed guests INTO the peek-ins, and they had real people portraying the figures inside, such as Goldie and a Sheriff and barber. It was AMAZING!! They really brought in a ton of new revenue, which they so desperately needed. I had hoped the figures would return during the rest of the year, but they didn't. Which is sad.

I hear you on the sight lines. I just tell myself Knott's isn't Disneyland, and that it has grown organically, and was never planned to be what it is today, so they were forced to work with what they had. But it is a bummer.

I love that Matt (who is actually my cousin by the way) pointed to Knott's Preserved. I'm friends with the other author, Eric, and it is seriously an amazing book!!


Irene said...

Janey!!! I recognize you :) Haven't seen you for awhile. Will you be around for Boysenberry Festival?

Matthew said...

Hi Janey! I saw your Facebook post this morning. We need to go to Knott's together soon and meet up with Noel and Jon. Nice to meet you Irene. See you at the Farm!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle
(AKA Janey's cousin) : )