Monday, March 26, 2018

Miami Monday: Art Deco

My initial interest in visiting Miami was to see the art deco architecture that it is known for. Throw in some vintage neon and that's a slam dunk for me. Because I did the red eye, my arrival meant there was quite a bit of time to kill before my first photo shoot and check-in at the hotel. What's a guy to do? Get the camera out of the bag and start snapping! Up and down Ocean Drive, I captured these photos before the sun began to peek out at dawn.

One of my friends begged that I not take the proverbial shots of vintage cars in Miami; however, I couldn't resist on this one.

While most of the buildings looked like vintage art deco, some of the signage seemed as if it hailed from the 1970s revival.

I believe The Carlyle was used in the Robin Williams movie "The Birdcage."

I got a kick out of this Penguin statue; straight out of Mary Poppins!

More art deco abounds on Collins Avenue:

Even the local dentist uses an art deco font for his signage!

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1 comment:

Fifthrider said...

That's a surprisingly large amount of art deco still in use in one area. Kudos to them for keeping it alive and not "modernizing" it all away.