Monday, March 05, 2018

Storybook Land Cinderella Castle

Monday got here WAAAAAAAAY too fast; no time for an in-depth entry, so you'll have to "suffer" with this medley of yet-to-be-posted images of Cinderella Castle at the Disneyland Storybook Land attraction. The first one from 1958 is good enough that it yields two detailed views. Three shots in one - LOVE IT! Check out the vintage employee cars:

And the original buildings in the French Village where the Tremaines live:

An undated 1950s image:

It only yields one closeup. Boo!

October 1959 was a better time for detail!

Once again the Village:

...and the employee parking lot:

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Darryl said...

Could that truck in your last photo be connected to your great mystery photo? (Probably not)

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at how sparse things were beyond the berm...there were still orange groves. It something I can recall thanks to the occasional reminders in your photos. For example, in shot 4, in the background is a large brick building which was situated parallel to the Santa Ana Freeway. In front of that building was a sign advertising Disneyland telling motorists to make a right at Harbor Blvd. How much I longed to see that as my folks and I drove down from Lancaster. KS

Anonymous said...

The Cinderella vignettes are some of the best in Storybook Land. The forced perspective is very good.

The views into the back lot are fun, but as KS points out, the real prize is the view beyond the berm. We are all so conditioned now to see the area heavily built-up, it's hard to imagine how bare it all was when it was just farm land.

Thank you, Dave.