Thursday, February 22, 2018

Janet Leigh at the Red Wagon Inn

More from Janet Leigh's 1962 visit to Disneyland with daughters Kelly and Jamie Lee Curtis. This time we see them dining at the Red Wagon Inn, which became the Plaza Inn a few years later.

I really like these informal shots that show her interacting with her daughters.

The Dapper Dans appeared to entertain the gang, and little Kelly got to wear one of their Bowler hats.

For all you art fans that might be interested in seeing the still-life painting on the wall, here's a detailed view:

I am sure Kelly is teasing her sister for not getting to wear a hat!

To top the whole thing off, they also got a visit from Mickey Mouse himself:

Here's a look at the placemat/menu that's on the table:

Poor Mickey; I can only imagine how many times a day this happens to him:

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Stuart Powley said...

Pretty cool! As for the children's menu, I get that the Brer Rabbit would be a veggie plate, and I can kind of make an argument for Snow White eating a turkey that didn't clean the cottage quite well enough (was that mean?) but I think Si and Am should be a fish plate of some sort...and I don't even want to discuss eating Danny...

Fifthrider said...

I'm glad someone beat me to it. I love vintage ephemera but you'd never see Si and Am on any more products today. Also, Danny by the lamb is like Clarabelle having a hamburger stand in Toontown.

D said...

I always appreciate your thoughtful posts, like including the menu! Thanks.

D said...

omg, the person in the costume is looking out the pupil?!

Danny said...

Why, yes! my name is Danny and yes! I'll have the lamb chop

nick said...

Fantasmigorical, Dude! The Dans looked Dapper, and all the Curtises looked cute. I am wondering, did the sit down to careteria shift happen at the same time that the restaurant name was changed?