Thursday, July 13, 2017

Yale And Towne at Disneyland

When one of your most loyal readers says he was unaware of something from vintage Main Street, you of course have to do a post focused solely on that thing. In this case, it's the Yale and Towne's Lock Shop, which morphed into the Yale Lock Shop. Open on day one, it appears to have dropped off the Park brochure by 1965.

The Dapper Dans outside the shop in 1960:

More photos and info can be found at Stuff From The Park's blog:

The Yale Lock shop featured a display of locks and keys from ancient times to modern times. Additionaly a guest could get a souvenir key with the Disneyland castle on one side and Yale logo on the reverse. Yale is still at Disneyland as all the doors use Yale and Towne locksets.


A closeup of the shop from 1955:

More recently it was the Disneyana Shop:

And is now "The Book Rest," aka part of Starbucks:

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Fifthrider said...

Very cool, thank you! ( Wait, there was a BUTCHER SHOP?!?! ) I've clearly been missing things under my nose for too long. Thank you for the variety of pics over various stages of time. Even though I've been in the new "book shop" version I still thought it was Disneyana.

We went from a cigar shop, a gun shop, a bra shop and a butcher shop to "the pirates seem kind of rapey to me." (sips coffee) It's going to be a long 2017 for me.

beachgal said...

I remember the lock shop. My dad bought a door knob there for our family room door that lead out to the pool. He would find places to get lost while the rest of us gals went shopping on main street.

Unknown said...

Hi Dave, Do you know what the butcher shop sold? I can't imagine carrying around dead meat all day at Disneyland. LOL!